If you are driving you need to LOOK straight ahead, if you want to get to where you are going, safely! To turn around and be looking in the back seat and trying to drive will end up in crashing. In the midst of troubles, trials and even the good times to look anywhere but straight ahead to Him will end up in crashing spiritually. Jeremiah in the midst of trouble makes a choice in his troubles as he begins his prayer with looking to HIM and specifically His Sovereignty….

GOD HIMSELF- Himself the PERSON to Trust. He is “SOVEREIGN.” The last five letters spell. “REIGN.” God REIGNS! He is KING of Kings LORD of Lords. HE “R-E-I-G=N’S” IN every situation! HIMSELF the FOCUS AND FOUNDATION TO REST YOUR FAITH UPON! Could God have kept Jeremiah FROM Prison, which is where he was when he wrote this, SURE He could have! But it was IN Prison that he prayed this prayer! In the hard place he had communion with God and the right view of God, was REVEALED! His PERSPECTIVE was focused on GOD!

THINK RIGHT about Him as this verse shows, TRUST IN HIM.Jeremiah begins with God “Ah Sovereign LORD” and ends the verse with GOD, “…Nothing is too Difficult for YOU,” Begin and end with HIM!
In Your Praying… Begin and END with Him… and it will help you FOCUS as you go forward in faith in HIM in life and avoid the crashes and ending up in the ditch!

“Ah SOVEREIGN LORD, YOU have made the heavens and the earth by YOUR Great Power and out-stretched arm NOTHING is too difficult for YOU.”-{Jer 32:17}

Prayer’s Perspective is to keep your eyes on Him, His character- the SOVEREIGN LORD! “…NOTHING is too difficult for YOU!”