“When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your Comfort {consolations} delight my soul.”- -Psalm 94:19

THE MIND BOMBARDED; The psalmist speaks of anxious thoughts that multiplied in his mind, not just one thought, but legions of thoughts bombarding him constantly. It is a terrible thing to have so many numerous thoughts perplexing, accuse, condemn, overwhelm, cast down, be anxious and fear filled, constantly, constantly bombarding the mind. Like the Psalmist we all know of such times when we seemingly could not shut off the constant flow of dreaded thoughts.

“THOUGHTS.” ” In the multitude of my thoughts within me,”…. The word for ‘thoughts’ is used of branches of trees, thick and entwined, and so denotes perplexed and distressing thoughts;”- Gill. Barnes writes, “The Hebrew word, “thoughts;” the idea seems to be that in the great number of thoughts which passed through his mind, so many of them perplexing, anxious, burdensome – so many of them vain and profitless – so many of them that seemed to come and go without any aim or object,…”
Anxious thoughts, “distracting thoughts which divide and perplex the mind.” The Psalmist knew by experience of the anxious thoughts that multiplies within but he also knew how to overcome them!

He TESTIFIED “Your COMFORTS DELIGHT MY SOUL.” Not only was their comfort for the mind, but so great is God’s comfort that it influences the soul to find gladness and delight! It is Plural! consolations, comforts, far greater and influential than the poisionous thoughts of anxiety. In the New Testament the word, “Anxiety” comes from two words which mean”to divide” and” mind.” Anxiety divided the mind, pulling it in different directions, and what is the ultimate purpose of my mind and yours? Let Jesus answer,” And you shall Love the LORD your God with all of your heart… and MIND!” So the attack os to distact you from devotion to Him! Sound familiar?

GOD’S COMFORT’S; He imparts HOPE to his readers, and to you and me too! In the midst of this onslaught he found the reality of, ” But God…” The onslaught of anxious thoughts is not the end…There is a “BUT GOD…” indeed HE BROKE in and HE DISPENSED not only COMFORTING THOUGHTS, but thoughts that caused his soul to DELIGHT in, Rejoice in and make his soul glad. Such is the hope that is found in God. His comforts can OVERCOME the mind that is sorrowing, downcast, anxious, perplexed, burdensome, afraid, to be filled with THOUGHTS that COMFORT and produce in the soul Delight and dance for joy.

“DELIGHT.” “Those which are in great pain, they would be glad if they might have but ease, they cannot aspire so high as pleasure and delight, this is more than can be expected by them; but see here now the notable efficacy of these Divine comforts; they do not only pacify the mind, but they joy it; they do not only satisfy it, but ravish it; they not only quiet, but delight it. Thy comforts delight my soul. That is, not only take away the present grief, but likewise put in the room and place of it most unspeakable comfort and consolation; as the sun does not only dispel darkness, but likewise brings in a glorious light in the stead of it.

“MY SOUL”- We showed before how the grief was in the mind, and therefore the comfort must be so also, that the remedy may answer the malady. Bodily pleasure will not satisfy for mind distraction: nothing will ease the soul but such comforts as are agreeable to itself, and such are these present comforts of God, they delight the soul.” – Thomas Horton.

“To cause the soul to DELIGHT,” the word speaks of DANCING WITH DELIGHT! God’s comfort has an effect. It causes the soul to DANCE! Amazing that God can cause the soul to rise up and dance in the heart with delight. No, you may not be much of a dancer but you can dance in your heart! God – causing comfort, peace, satisfaction, delight and rest in the Lord. He is your refuge.

The psalmist had comfort in the character, promises and Word of God. Turning from the evil thoughts that would molest, there is comfort and peace and indeed thoughts that so ignite the soul, it must dance for joy in Him! He Himself does this! This is the work of God to over-rule all thoughts and inject His Comforting TRUTH and it causes the SOUL TO DANCE WITH DELIGHT! Miracle working God.

Arrest your thoughts before they arrest you! Arrest your thought with Truth! Think on Truth and allow His Truth to Transform you!

I send this with this prayer, May the SOVERIGN LORD Himself, manifest the reality of His consolations to you and cause your mind to be influenced and whole being to cause your soul to dance with delight!