“As for you, you meant evil against me, BUT GOD meant it for GOOD, to bring it about that MANY PEOPLE should be kept alive, as they are today.”-{Gen 50:20}

Think about the difference in this story between how God and Joseph treated his brothers versus if it had been some of us who had the “deciding vote!’ Would it not have been “good” if his brothers were left out of being provided for and starved to death, and would that not have been “right” and “fair” in light of what they did to Joseph and all the pain that they had caused him with sequence after sequence of his life harder, more difficult and painful? Would there not be a big hearty approval if they met a terrible death, “Serves them right” type of attitude, that is how many of us would think and feel if it was us. Which in reality would reveal something about us, that we are “Bitter” and holding a grudge and unforgiving! But Not Joseph, he took care of his brothers, this is an amazing work of God IN him and then THROUGH him, as he reaches out with kindness, concern and takes care of his brothers. “Love covers a multitude of sins!’-{1 Peter 4:8}. Love is stronger than jealousy, hatred, bitterness, un-forgiveness.

How do you know if you are “bitter?” One way is that you do not want others to receive that which is “GOOD” and would help them. You want “Good” with-held from them! Love wants the best for others, bitterness wants to see others punished and Hurt and “Good” with-held from them! Bitterness is a sourness of spirit, love is generous and giving, seeking others “Good!”

Love is a personal choice, that is not dependent on how others treat you but how you CHOOSE to treat others!

As Joseph looked back he could trace the Providence of God, where God was using circumstances , orchestrating them and people to meet a need, and many were saved from hunger and death because God was at work on their behalf out of His kindness!

Joseph saw God in his circumstances and OVER his circumstances as Sovereign King, and and was not “bitter” with God, but saw He purposed “good” and that extended not only to him, but through him to benefit …” many people” including his brothers!

No matter how deep, dark, painful your circumstances, the unkindness of others, remember…God… has the final word! As the verse says, “BUT GOD…

Love is always appropriate…Love Is Always The Godly Response…”-