As He was with the baby Moses placed in a basket by the river bank…And a people in bondage would benefit through liberty… As He was with Joseph… and a nation benefited…As He was with Paul and Silas in the prison… and the Jailer and his family benefited… As He was with His Son on the cross…and YOU Benefited…

With Moses, Joseph, Paul, Silas, Jesus, it involved time, trials, but God was working His will out and bringing about and fulfilling His Purposes. For…God is in the Details!

History is the unraveling of “His” Story… and concludes with His purposes being achieved!

At the time neither Moses, Joseph, Paul could have seen what He was about to do, only as they and we look back at their lives can we see that God was in the Details! And as we look back at our own lives, and at times through the struggles, pain, trials, circumstances can we too see God was in the Details…

God is weaving all of life’s circumstances and writing a story concerning His dealings with you… Can you look back and see HOW God was in the Details of your life, working things out? Ask Him to help you remember as fuel for praise to Him and faith presently to trust Him. But what if there are some things you cannot understand, and look back and see, or wonder about things, heartaches or fears you are facing,  then know for certain, let His promise sink in your heart because you love Him who first loved you has promised, ” And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”-{Romans 8:28}

Look TO Him. Look FOR Him,The God Who Is In The Details!-

God Bless,