“God Causes...”

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”-{Rom 8:28}

“God CAUSES...” He has the ability, authority, and Sovereignty to bring it about, and it is He who is working it “all” not some of it but “all” of it for “good.” But note, it is exclusive. It is only for those “who love God and are the called!” And as His, you can be assured and have confident expectation no matter what you go through that God is taking it and knitting it as it were together as part of causing, working it all out for your eternal good! And nothing or no one can thwart Him from achieving His ultimate “purpose” of eternal good for you! God CAUSES it to work out so! What Hope, What a God He is!

Things just don’t happen to work out for “good” “BUT GOD…CAUSES…” it to do so!

God is intimately attentive, and lovingly involved in your life! “Work together,” is where we get our word “synergy” which means as it were all the bits and pieces coming together to one end”for Good!” Sometimes we may not “see” how in our own thinking, “But God…” is working it all, causing it all to come together for “good!” And this is a promise, it is exclusive, not for everyone but the verse says “to those who love God and are the called…” And you love Him because He first loved you and so this promise is for…you! So, though at times you go through difficulties, tears even, you can look at the circumstances and know “this too”…” will work together for good!” The “Good,” of growing in the grace and knowledge of Him, being conformed to His image -{Romans 8:29} and Glorifying Him. and eventually being with Him as part of the “good.” He works it all together for good… That’s His promise to you! Be encouraged!

So, we don’t live by “chance,” uncertainty, but by Scriptural “Hope, ” which means, “confident expectation” in God and His Word!

At times as one dear friend once shared with me, it may not feel good, look good, but He promises it will work out for good!” So, go forward in faith, not based on what you “see or don’t see” but on what He says and Who He is, “The God of all Hope…” God is working… Remember, God, is working to an end….” all things to work out for your good…” That does not mean we get what we want but what He wants and what He deems as “good!” Ultimately “the good” is to mold us into the image of the LORD Jesus, in thought, motive, word and deed…{Read Rom 8:29}. To TRANSFORM US!! That is His “Good” for us! Have you ever thought of that?

So whatever you are going through we can confidently say… it will all work out for good. Why? Because…

GOD CAUSES….” it to be so!😀

God bless

And encourage you