Being RICH in MERCY because of His GREAT LOVE with which He LOVED US…”

“RICH” speaks of wealthy. God is wealthy in mercy to show compassion for the miserableness of sin and rich in mercy to cleanse and remove a guilty conscience. Rich In Mercy toward you, and why did God save these people Paul wrote to? Why did He save you? What motivated Him to show mercy upon the miserableness of sinners? Paul tells us -“Because of His GREAT LOVE…” …“GREAT” Speaks about the intensity of His Love. He intensely loves you. Salvation … BY LOVE. How do we know He loved us?

  • “But God DEMONSTRATES His own LOVE TOWARDS US, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” -{Rom 5:8}
  •  “We KNOW Love by this, He laid down His life for us…” – {1 John 3:16}
  •  “For God SO LOVED the world HE GAVE His only Begotten Son…”- {John 3:16}
  •  ” The Son of God LOVED ME and GAVE HIMSELF up for me…”- {Gal 2:20}
  •  “To Him who CONTINUALLY LOVES US and has released us from our sins by His blood…”-{Rev 1:5-6.}.

“I have LOVED YOU, with an EVERLASTING Love ..,”- {Jer 31:1}. God’s love was thought through. It is His choice from eternity past. His choice. From before He spoke the heavens and earth into existence . Before you were born, God loved you !

God made His love known by sending His Son into the cesspool of sin. He came to release the captives, to resurrect the spiritually dead and cause them to stand in newness of life, power, permanent status before Him. {Rom 5:2}. They were saved from sin because of …LOVE!