SAFE- IN THE LOVE OF JESUS; – Nov 28 – 2012

GOOD MORNING! This Morning I awoke and began to think of the Love of Jesus. My mind went back many years to when our five children were ten years old and younger and in particular to nights when there was thunder. It never failed what would happen next. The door to our bedroom would burst open the light of the hallway would flood into our room and all you could see was five shadows running and diving onto our bed- like “5 Ninjas” clamoring to get beneath the comforter and snuggle as close to my wife Cindee and I, clinging tightly to the sheets, bed covers s, their little eyes Wide Opened- like saucers as the bangs of the thunders would add to their heightened anxiety. We would speak words to ASSURE them they were –SAFE. The thunder could not hurt them or get in the bedroom- and at times they believed us and we would lie there and count the time in between the clashes of thunder and guess how far it was away and then when it banged reinforce they were not hurt- they were –Safe! They believed us- for it never failed when thunder banged during the night – the “5 Ninja’s” would come running – bursting through the door diving onto the bed! Were they not –SAFE- in their own bedrooms, did they have to come diving into ours? Sure they were – but “Emotionally”- No! They did not “believe” they were — they didn’t know that – they just believed they had to get to the couple who they TRUSTED, the ones they KNEW, who LOVED them- and so they came running.

The apostle Paul prayed for those who were “weary- exhausted and ready to give up,” who were “losing heart,”- Eph 3:13- He did not rebuke them any more than we did our children- that would have been cruel and heartless, but what he did do for them was pray for them- specifically they would be inwardly strengthened for their weariness and they would, “comprehend” and “know experientially,” that they would be ASSURED emotionally- that they were loved- they were SAFE-in the Love of Jesus. That the Lord Jesus would do something to bring this realization to them. Paul was praying for Christians. Did Jesus not already love them? Yes He did- Calvary demonstrated this, but there are times God’s people would need to know experientially, emotionally – that Jesus loves them for in knowing there is-REST- there is SECURITY- there is TRUST.

My thoughts on the children then turned to prayers for them. Some are far away working, in college, some , the ”two little ones” as we affectionately call them- though both are over 6 foot- still are home with us as they are 16 and 13- They don’t come running any more when thunder strikes, as they have matured and are SECURE Emotionally and feel SAFE , in their own bedrooms- but I wondered if- what is it that may cause them irrational fears today- As I prayed for each of them I pictured in my mind as they awoke and the thoughts the evil one may bombard their minds with ”fiery darts” such as- “fears’”- “NEW THUNDERS” that seek to startle them – and I began to pray Paul’s prayer from Ephesians 3:13-21 and that they would be
1.- Inwardly Strengthened- for the “weary” need to be so.
2. – Christ at home in their hearts
3.- They would “Comprehend” God’s love for them
4.- Experientially Know- the height, debth, breath and length of the love of God in Christ for them. And committed them to Him this day… who is
5. ABLE TO DO the Exceeding abundant beyond ALL I can, think or ask- And to Him be the glory for Who He is- What He will do and How much More He loves them.

Indeed praying for them and the “NEW THUNDERS” that may startle them and seek to inject fear into them. I can still play my part in their lives- as can you for others- through praying SPECIFICALLY for them. That they would KNOW THE LOVE OF JESUS THIS DAY AND BE SAFE- and that by faith they may RUN TO JESUS- because He loves them and in Him they may find emotional stability, re- assurance of His love for them and live by faith in Him- Gal 2:20. My mind went to others and I prayed for them also that today they in their weariness would feel Emotionally strengthened and SAFE- in the realization- Of the LOVE of Jesus for them too. My mind also went out to you who receive these devotionals and I prayed the same for you.

Perhaps you are “weary- exhausted, ready to quit- give in to circumstances or give up hope- you too need His reminder and emotional strength you are SAFE- in the Love of Jesus who “…Loved me and gave Himself up for me…”- Gal2:20 and need to be reminded He loves you. Perhaps as you read someone comes to mind who is “weary” scared and you too like Paul can play your part in praying they too be strengthened and experientially know and emotionally be comforted, re assured of the Love of Jesus for them now and their soul is – SAFE- in the Love of Jesus.

READ; Eph 3:13-20 For Paul’s prayer  for the “weary”- those who were “losing heart.” Do you know anyone like that? Pray for them- Eph 3:13-20!