“If God is For Us Who Can Be Against Us?”Romans 8:31

Think about it, in the midst of messy life, problems, stress’s, overwhelmed perhaps, bankruptcies, martial betrayal, problems of all sorts, heartaches of various types, disappointments, when it seems the whole world- at least- your world- is against you and you are tempted to spiral down into despair, speak to your soul as it were, grab it by the scruff of the neck and speak the TRUTH to yourself and say, – GOD IS FOR ME…“GOD IS FOR US!”

God- the One who spoke the world into existence – is for you! God who opened the Red Sea and made a way of escape for His people – is for you! God who provided a sacrifice for Abraham- is for you! God who enabled David to defeat Goliath – is for you! God who so loved you He sent His only begotten Son that you should not perish and die in your sin –is for you! God who had His Son bear His wrath for your sin- is for you! God who is able to provide for all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ- is for you! Circumstances may or may not change “BUT GOD…” – He is – for – you!


He was for you before He spoke the world into existence when He chose you for Himself. He was for you when the Lamb of God was slain before the foundation of the world- God was for you before you were born that Christ died for you. God was for you. God is for you! “God is for us…!”

“GOD IS FOR US…” – that He has accepted us completely, irrevocably, lovingly and eternally in His Son.

“GOD IS FOR US…” that as far as the east is from the west He has removed our sins forever, for His Name’s sake!

“GOD IS FOR US…”– that He chooses never again to remember or hold our sins against us, because He held them all against Jesus and He has paid for them all. In Heaven for the believer we will not give an account for sins, Jesus paid them all. At the Throne will be evaluation and the things we have done for Him on this earth including giving a cup of cold water in his Name, will be rewarded! For the believer it is a Throne of Evaluation not condemnation! How great it is that, “there is therefore Now No condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,”- because “GOD IS FOR US…”

“GOD IS FOR US…,” – that He now calls us “…the beloved of God.”

“GOD IS FOR US…” – in Him there is Hope for us.

“GOD IS FOR US…”– that our souls are eternally secure and protected by Him!

 “GOD IS FOR US…”– that He has placed us into Christ who has become, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption!

“GOD IS FOR US…”– “and if God is for us who can be against us!”

“GOD IS FOR US…” – that all things, even the unpleasant things will work together for good because we love Him because He first loved us.

“GOD IS FOR US…”– that  we are adopted into His family and treated as a son or daughter who is highly favored, forever accepted and our position, our stand is one of grace before Him, eternally!

“GOD IS FOR US…”– that no accusation will stand against us because He has wiped away all of our sin.

 “GOD IS FOR US…”– that all those who have turned to God and trusted in His Son will forever dwell in His presence where Jesus is – the Beloved of the Father, and you will see Him face to face and realize the depths of the Love God had, has and forever has for you and truly realize, “GOD IS FOR US…”

Think- Think- Think on the TRUTH of God’s Word!


 “GOD IS FOR US…”– His eye is forever upon us

 “GOD IS FOR US…”- that He hears our cries

“GOD IS FOR US…”– that he gives us all things richly to enjoy

 “GOD IS FOR US…” that nothing can sever His love for us


  •   God is in control!
  •  God is consistent- He never changes!
  •  God loves you!
  •  God is for you!
  • God is working ALL things for good- including this thing you are going through. He takes broken people and works in them and through them to his honor and the benefit of others. You are a masterpiece in the hands of God who is for you. You and I may never understand why or what but we know HE is for us and H is god. and He is our refuge, strength in time of trouble. We are ever alone for He has promised and he cannot lie, fail and He it id who is for us!

Think, Trust and Speak to yourself that this life is but a vapor and that “God is for us…” Not only you, but me and all who are in His Son.. “God is for us…,”

 “GOD IS FOR US…” that not even death can separates!This is not the final chapter… For “We shall see Him as He is…” Our destination is a date with, “GOD IS FOR US!’

What of those who have not turned to God? “God is for us…” He sent His Son to die for your sins to erase them and give you newness of life, a new standing with Him. A new power within. Precious and magnificent promises to encourage you and enable you to begin to see life from His perspective. God is for you that He has given us a Bible to read about Him, His hatred of sin but also His love for sinners whom He sent His Son to die for.

Turn to Him, tell Him you realize you have been living your life on your terms for your sake and you now submit to Him to rule and reign over you and trust his Son Jesus, His work on the cross to pay for your sins and  in doing so you will find your desires, begin to change and you begin to see God desires a love relationship with Him and as you begin to love the things He loves you find you love Him- not perfectly- but with a new desire you love Him and you read  it is because He first loved you….

 Together let us…

THINK on this truth, “God is for us…”

REST IN THE TRUTH- “God is for us…”

TELL- Someone else- “God is for us…”


 “GOD IS FOR US….”- Great news in difficult times, pleasant times, any time, “God is for us!” – Rest and rejoice in Him!