” Look at the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And YOU ARE FAR MORE valuable to HIM than any birds!”- ( Luke 12:24)

His value on you is what makes you valuable … How valued you are to have Him SAY so and SHOW so … Consider the birds … Look up and see them fly and be reminded, HE IS FAITHFUL… One reason they fly is to TESTIFY to you…of His faithfulness !! LOOK UP… and CHEER UP… THE LORD IS TESTIFYING TO YOU OF HIMSELF THROUGH THE BIRDS! Take HOPE in Him… The word ,”Look,” is “Consider,” it is not a mere glance and turn away but to contemplate. The context is anxiety. You may say, “I have real problems and You want me to stop and contemplate BIRDS!!” Yes He does, re read the passage above… Contemplate their inability to provide for themselves, “But God…” have you ever had birds come into your yard or sat by a pond and thrown some food on the ground and watched BIRDS fly down and feed on your provision. Think about it HE is bringing the birds to you and just as He provided for them through you, He provides for you, because YOU ARE FAR MORE…. VALUABLE… to Him!!!

He provides for them.., He is providing for you!

Keep Thanking Him. Keep Trusting Him … Testify to someone of Him …Remember how He has provided for you in the past!