Some thoughts to encourage you:

“Casting all of your cares/ anxieties upon Him for He cares for you.”- 1 Peter 5:7

To hold onto one care is one too many and denies that He cares for you
It is to say I can handle this myself
I cannot trust Him with this
I don’t believe He cares for me
… If it is a “care” He tells us what to do with it… cast it upon Him…He is more than willing to take it…carry it and handle it.
Its insanity

He does care for you
He does know about your cares
He does tell you what to do with each and every SINGLE care.

 “CASTING” THE WORD WAS USED OF THROWING SOMETHING ON SOMETHING. It was used of throwing a blanket on a donkey or horse for example .

So, Peter says throw your “anxieties” on the LORD. What are anxieties? Those things which divide your mind from devotion to the Lord. The things that weigh you down, distractions, questioning, despair and discouraging thoughts.

“Anxiety in the heart weighs it down”… Proverbs 12:25- “But a good word makes it glad” -he went on to say. What’s a “good word?” Peter gives you and me the answer in this verse… to cast our anxieties upon the Lord, “… for HE CARES FOR YOU! “Carrying our anxieties is “heavy” and wearying and this verse says we were never meant to do so. The Bible compares His people to sheep- and sheep were never meant to carry burdens- not even ONE. It is time to hand it over- no -Throw it off you and onto Him who really cares for YOU!-1 Peter 5: 7…ONE BY ONE THROW IT UPON HIM WHO cares for you! What a “GOOD WORD” of HOPE FOR YOU .
Now the choice? 
To believe Him or not, that He does care for you. The evidence you believe Him? By faith casting ALL of your cares upon Him:)