“…In the variety of the gifts which the Spirit has to dispense, He meets the believer’s every need.  Just think of the names He bears.

  1. The Spirit of grace, to reveal and impart all of grace there is in Jesus.
  2. The Spirit of faith, teaching us to begin and go on and increase in ever believing.
  3. The Spirit of adoption and assurance, who witnesses that we are God’s children, and inspires the confiding and confident Abba, Father!
  4. The Spirit of truth, to lead into all truth, to make each word of God ours in deed and in truth.
  5. The Spirit of prayer, through whom we speak with the Father; prayer that must be heard.
  6. The Spirit of judgment and burning, to search the heart, and convince of sin.
  7. The Spirit of holiness, manifesting and communicating the Father’s holy presence within us.
  8. The Spirit of power, through whom we are strong to testify boldly and work effectually in the Father’s service.
  9. The Spirit of glory, the pledge of our inheritance, the preparation and the foretaste of the glory to come.

Surely the child of God needs but one thing to be able really to live as a child:  it is, to be filled with this Spirit.”- Andrew Murrey-  {“ With Christ in the school of prayer.”}