PRAISE God the Father for your – DIVINE PROTECTION. –

“Who are protected [kept} by the power of God through faith, for a salvation to be revealed in the last time.”- 1 Peter 1:5

Think of Insurance COVERAGE A PERSON MAY HAVE? Do you have Flood coverage…fire coverage…health coverage…Is your home coverage sufficient? People are often consumed with the type of protection they have and in many cases when death comes the coverage they have labored to have, can’t help in eternity. It is possible to have GREAT TEMPORAL insurance {or even none }- but the ultimate need is ETERNAL ASSURANCE. The word translated “PROTECTED/KEPT” is a military word that means “GUARDED, SHIELDED.” The tense of the VERB means we are constantly being “guarded” by God. God Himself, maker of Heaven and earth, the One who raised Jesus from the dead, He is on Guard and assuring us of His protection and provision for our safe arrival in Heaven – He is KEEPING us. And who can pluck us from His Hand? Who can erase our names from His Book? Who can steal or deceive Him from our Inheritance and who is stronger than Him to deliver us from His DIVINE PROTECTION? NO ONE! Not even “fiery trials,” suffering!– {Read John 10:10; Rom 8:38-39}. Don’t doubt dear soul- PRAISE HIM- for HIS DIVINE PROTECTION of your salvation “RESERVED in Heaven for you.”
When it comes to insurance policies, some people have wonderful policies it appears, great protection for the possibilities of this world, though they cannot cover all things potentially which may happen! But what about Eternal Coverage?
The follower of Christ has a “COVERAGE” that cannot be cancelled, there are no unforeseen catastrophes, no partial coverage’s, nothing but eternal bliss of God’s own “Policy” which He has committed Himself to…There is no protection absolutely nothing LIKE GOD’S- DIVINE PROTECTION – You as a follower of The LORD Jesus have His promise, you are “PROTECTED BY THE POWER OF GOD!”

“PROTECTED”…SPEAKS OF BEING “SHIELDED” WHICH means “TO GUARD” or “TO WATCH OVER.” “KEPT,” the tense of the VERB means the Inheritance Already Exists and is being Preserved. PRESENTLY IT IS BEING PRESERVED…It is a Military term describing HOW SOLDIERS GUARD SOMEONE. It is written in The present Tense. It Indicates the CONTINUAL NATURE OF THE GUARDING AND WATCHING OVER AND PROTECTING AND SHIELDING by God of your soul!

It does not mean Believers are SHIELDED from pain, sorrow, suffering, injustice, or fierce pressures and hurts or hardships. For this letter that Peter writes is written to, those who know about “fiery trials” and “suffering” for doing right.
IT DOES MEAN GOD HIMSELF WATCHES OVER OUR SALVATION AND GUARDS IT. HEAVEN IS THEIR HOME- God’s Presence…no matter how severe the trial, no matter where you are, and dere I mention, failure! God is committed, consistently guarding your soul and guaranteeing paying up on the benefits! His Son’s Blood guarantees it.
GREAT NEWS; Your soul is continually Kept and Guarded by God- and all the way to Heaven!

Your Soul is Eternally Secure as It is Kept, guarded, protected by The POWER of GOD… And THAT’S HIS PROMISE …TO…YOU!

THE PROPER RESPONSE? Verse 3 says to “BLESS,” “PRAISE,” “SPEAK WELL OF,” God the Father who has caused this though the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead! Yours soul is KEPT and GUARDED by GOD-What ASSURANCE you have no matter what life throws up. His Promise is to be Treasured, His Name is to Be exalted and Praised and Your privilege is to REST in His Love and Testify to others of Him who is able to protect, keep, guard your soul!
He personally watches, guards, keeps protects your soul! Eternally Secure in His Powerful keeping! Nothing not even the “fiery trials,” painful suffering that the believers whom Peter wrote to could be separated from God’s Keeping Power. Their souls were safe, eternally protected by God Himself! And so is yours, “In Christ.” Suffering does not, cannot separate us from God’s Divine Protection! Martin Luther wrote in his hymn, “A Mighty Fortress is our God,” wrote these words,”…The body they may kill:
God’s truth abideth still, His Kingdom is forever.” No suffering, or painful trials not even the the killing of the body can cancel His Promise we are “kept,.. protected by the power of God!” 
And That is His Promise for you! Who does the “keeping?” GOD DOES!