Do you ever wish… someone knew just how you felt, someone who could truly understands your pain, hurt, sorrows… someone who you know understands, can relate tenderly and compassionately? Someone who understands the severity of temptations you feel and can help. Someone who could weep with you, identify with you, empathize with you.


“But our High Priest offered himself to God as a single sacrifice for sins, good for all time. Then HE SAT DOWN in the place of honor at God’s right hand.”- {Hebrews 10:12}

The word, “GREAT” means “SUPERIOR.” Jesus is superior than all the priests and high priests who once a year went into the holy of holies to offer sins for himself and the nation. There was no place for the high priest to sit down as his work was never done. He was allotted a certain amount of time in there and only that. He had to leave. He had no right to stay in the presence of God for as long as he wanted, he was not in the spiritual state or standing with God to do so! Millions and millions of gallons of blood flowed over the years as sacrifices were made to offer to God for sins, yet there was no relief. The priests, high priests offered sacrifices continually, relentlessly sins were committed and sacrifice required. Priests whose job was to stand before God on behalf of sinners, had no rest. High priests once a year went into the holy of holies to offer sacrifice for the people. They made offerings, they grew old, died were replaced and the cycle continued and then one glorious act of God,”In the fullness of time when John the baptist said, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” He pointed to Jesus. They should have fled to Him who could do for them what they and the priests were unable to do for themselves, deal with their sin issue once and for all! His sinless sacrifice on the cross satisfied God. His resurrection  was God’s seal of His approval of the sinless sacrifice on behalf of sinful people. The veil of the temple was torn down and now people could come direct to God through and only through the LORD JESUS!

Jesus ascended to the highest place where HE SAT DOWN. He SAT DOWN, because He had finished the work the Father gave Him to do. He SAT DOWN as Conqueror OVER sin, satan, self. He SAT DOWN and unlike the high priest who would have to leave the presence of God when He was in the holy of holies. God will never ask Jesus to leave because His once for all sacrifice was accepted and sufficient. Jesus SAT DOWN His work fully, eternally accepted.God was, is and forever will be satisfied and is in the place of rest, reigning as Sovereign King and He ever lives to intercede for you. Because HE SAT DOWN you can REST in Him who forgives, pardons all of your sins once for all and has erased the record of sin against you- FOREVER! The Throne of God is now a THRONE OF GRACE for all who come to Him, they will find One who cares, is Superior and Sufficient and who bids you come and find a loving Savior who is sufficient to save to the uttermost. This is possible because of His Work and what comfort to think on Him, and these words,”HE SAT DOWN.”

Consider The Lord Jesus- Your Great High Priest; – 

“For we do not have a high priest who is unable to EMPATHIZE with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need..”– Heb 4:15-16

1.- EMPATHIZES; v 15

As your Great High Priest, The Lord Jesus, you have One who does EMPATHIZE. The word, “Empathizes” speaks of feeling the very feelings you feel! {sumpatheo from sun = with pictures an intimate connection with + pascho  = suffer; is the a feeling for or capacity for sharing in the interests of another – an affinity, association, or relationship between persons or things wherein whatever affects one similarly affects the other; unity or harmony in action or effect…This word group (sumpatheosumpathes = compassionate in 1Pe 3:8note) often suggests a tender concern can also imply a power to enter into another’s emotional experience of any sort. It expresses the feeling of what others feel so that one can respond with sensitivity to the need. – {preceptaustin}.

He can sit with you in your pain, sorrow, temptation and truly say, “I know how you feel. I feel with you.” He was known as, “A Man of sorrows acquainted with grief.”- {Isaiah 53:3.}. He is no stranger, but intimately and knowing perfectly the pain of sorrows and the deep pain of the sorest grief. You do not sit alone in the crucible of your troubles, for He is with you to comfort, encourage, strengthen and offer you His Hope for you. He empathizes with you! Remember Jesus wept, feeling deeply the pain of others…He hung on the cross in place of sinners…interceding for us from a place of…empathy.

2. – ENCOURAGES; v 16

How wonderful He bids you COME. “DRAW NEAR, APPROACH,” to His Throne – not one of condemnation, for you but The Throne of Grace. 

“To the ancient world, a throne was a forbidding place of sovereign authority and judgment. If you approached a throne and the king did not hold out his scepter, you were history! You definitely would not draw near to the throne for sympathy, especially with a trivial problem.”-{Steven Cole}

“But God,…” bids his people to approach, draw near, come to His Throne. A Throne of Favor, Kindness, generosity, Empathy, and Empowerment. His is the throne of God’s Sovereignty and Throne of God’s love for people. His Throne of Mercy. And this Sovereign, Loving God, bids His children…COME- move towards the Throne of this Benevolent, competent King!

You have no need to shrink back, to doubt God, which what it ultimately is. Don’t be tentative, you have no need, since Jesus has entered into the heavens and sits there in the place of Power, ultimate authority and YOUR Great High Priest and Empathizer. Come confidently because of the Lord Jesus! His Throne is welcoming to you. A Throne of Favor, kindness, empowering, a Person who sits there who delights to give in your time of need.He knows your need and He is willing, capable to supply your needs. So, don’t hesitate come CONFIDENTLY because Jesus is your Great High Priest who empathizes with you. He feels the very feelings you feel and is FOR YOU – THINK OF CALVARY! He is in the supreme position of ultimate authority. We can come confidently because of the Blood of Jesus, “…in whom we have boldness and CONFIDENT ACCESS to God by way of Christ’s faithfulness.”– {Read Eph 3:12}

To “Receive,” not to be doubtful but assuredly you are going to “Receive…,Mercy and grace..” to what end? That you might find “…help in time of need,” Do you find yourself in a time of need? Imagine a child playing outside and wondering would his loving parent call them to come and eat when it was time? Of course they would! Scripture says “If you being evil know how to give good gifts how much more your Heavenly Father.” Then COME and RECEIVE Good things from God to help in your time of need. Come EXPECTANTLY to receive mercy because we fail and sin so often, COME EXPECTANTLY to receive Grace, God’s favor, empowerment, to continue on. COME EXPECTANTLY TO Receive HELP in your time of need. He bids you COME AND DINE. Come Confidently, Come Expectantly. Come Receive spiritual nutrition in your time of Need! We come, because we are needy. We are always in need. Jesus said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”-{John 15:5}. We are dependent upon Him, and thankfully we can come to “receive,” from Him who gives graciously, lavishly, lovingly! 

I asked at the start, “DO YOU EVER WISH…? “Wishes” do come true in this case . The Lord Jesus turns such “wishes,” into reality- He understands, HE PERFECTLY feels your feelings and as Perfect Empathizer He Encourages you to come to the THRONE of the SOVEREIGN GOD who Loves you to Receive, mercy, grace and Help in time of need- what are you waiting for?…COME!

In Christ there is EMPATHY and ENCOURAGEMENT for you and me…”In time of need,”from the EXALTED King!

* What Empathy He shows!

* What an Encourager He is ! – (Rom 15:5)

* Consider the Cross

* Consider the Cost to make this a reality for you!

* CONSIDER your Great High Priest…..the LORD JESUS.

* CONSIDER… HE HAS SET DOWN- Job finished!

*CONSIDER  all authority has been given to Him in Heaven and on earth. He is able to do the exceeding abundant beyond all we can think or ask.

THINK on His EMPATHY and ENCOURAGEMENT… THANK Him…Avail of His timely help- He cares!

“Throne,” speaks of Sovereignty and Authority. “Grace,” shows and reflects His heart towards His own, Eternal Generosity!

And we “come” as those in need and be assured we will “RECEIVE,” from Him, “mercy, grace.” And the good news? The “needy ones” are those who are not shunned but told, to, “Come. Receive. “