New strength, God-given strength, received by faith. He knows our fears, our feelings, and our frailty, and He assures us He GIVES, and keeps on giving for there is no end to this giving, no drought of resources with Him, for His Omnipotent supply knows no end, for it is His and He is eternal and the Source and Supply. He is the very fountain of goodness, refreshment, strengthening, empowering for the “weary” ones.


In Isaiah 40:29, – He gifts strength {power}, for “the weary.” The Hebrew word,” weary,” means “faint, exhausted, fatigued, especially emotionally and spiritually…” The word for “weary,” -{ya’aph} to make or become unable or unwilling to continue; stresses tiring until one is unable to endure more of the same thing.” In Judges 8:15 it is used to speak of growing weary from lack of bread. When you are so weak due to hunger!

There are times in our Christian life when we are conscious of our need to be strengthened. For we are exhausted, mentally, and emotionally, feeling we are unable to go on at times. We have nothing left in the “tank.” Our resources in and of ourselves like Elijah have run dry and we could curl up in a cave, we feel so depleted.

Our weariness is not a disqualification but awareness and acknowledgment to Him that we are frail, But He is God,… We acknowledge our need of Him and look to Him to supply our need of strength, power when we are weary, exhausted, or perhaps as we have observed others and are praying for them who are in that place. “He gives strength.” The word “gives” means He “continually gives.” It is not as though He has given power in the past and you have run out of the allotment assigned to you, or somehow He is mad that you are in the same place again and to “punish” you. He is withholding. Oh no, He is not like that though the evil one would bring such thoughts to your mind!

In Isaiah 40:31 we are told that those who “Wait upon the LORD.” This is not passively sitting around, but the word “wait” means to “hope in confident expectation.” As we look to Him and trust Him.

“We are also told that we renew our strength. It is strength that was once received when we first came to the Lord in weakness and no might….Weak in Isaiah 40:29 and faint in Isaiah 40:30 are the same Hebrew word, which means “failure through loss of inherent strength.” Weary in Isaiah 40:30 is a different word, which means “exhaustion because of the hardness of life” (Motyer). If we are worn out for either reason, God is here to give us strength – if we will wait on Him. “-{Enduring Word}

Renew is “from a basic meaning ‘to change’…[it] comes to mean ‘to put on afresh’: here, ‘keep putting on fresh strength.’ (Motyer). Think about it, you give Him your weariness, and He, in turn, exchanges your weariness for His power! What a great exchange!

He is a gracious giver, a continual loving joyful giver. And it is HE alone who has the ability to impart fresh strength in exchange for your weariness. He willingly, gladly does so!

Yesterday’s strength is no good to you, for yesterday is gone. You need, fresh strength, for now, moment by moment fresh strength. And this is what the LORD Specializes in giving fresh strength to those who “hope in confident expectation” on Him -{Isaiah 40:31}

God’s Strength Is Imparted To The Weary. Bring Your Weariness To Him and allow Him To Impart His Strength to you! There is Supernatural, God imparted strength and heart rest for the weary. Ask and receive, for He promises to supply-

God bless and encourage you and strengthen you to look to Him, live for Him,  praise Him, share Him as His Spirit empowers you,