“And we know that GOD causes All things to work together for good,..”-{Romans 8:28}. “GOD”-{“Theos” “Creator and Owner of all.”}. Romans 8:28 is the New Testament equivalent of Joseph’s words in Genesis 50:20-“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to keep many people alive.” It speaks of God’s Sovereignty over all things. Joseph had clarity of thought to see things as they were, and not as they seem to appear, that evil had the final and ultimate say, for it did not, does not, and never will. God had and did, and always will. God controls.  God controls.

It does not say, “All things are Good.” For all things are not!

It does not say in and of itself that”All things work out for good.” It does not say “all things work out for good” as though this happens randomly. But it does say that GOD causes “All things to work out together for good…” and that exclusively is for His children, those who He “..has caused us to be born again to a living hope…”-{1 Peter 1:3}

The “good,” does not mean…

  • It “feels ” good,
  • or that things in themselves, such as suffering are “good”
  • or that evil is good,
  • or even in this life has a “happy” ending
  • Or that we always understand the mysteries of life.
  • But we do know God is at work and He is ultimately working to bring about “good,” as He purposes and defines it!
  • “But God,” will cause all things to bring about the “Good,” that is His promise, He has the power to do so, the integrity to do so, and He will fulfill all His Good Purposes concerning you, His “Beloved,”and GOD will personally do so for you and ALL His children!

Someone has described it by using “SALT” which is made up of two chemicals, “Sodium” and “Chlorine,” these by themselves can be toxic, and dangerous in isolation but when combined appropriately produce that which is beneficial. Or the ingredients of a cake, by themselves do not necessarily taste “good,” but when combined and baked at the right temperature, combine and work out that which is “useful, beneficial, profitable, good.” These are but illustrations in the physical to point to the spiritual realm where GOD Reigns and Is working “ALL THINGS together for good to those who love God and are the called…”


  • “That phrase work together is really one word—sunergeo—in Greek. We get our English word “synergy” from it. And what is synergy? It is what happens when you put two or more elements together to form something brand-new that neither could form separately… That’s synergy—the combination of many elements to produce a positive result. That’s what Paul means when he says that God causes all things to “work together.” Many of the things that make no sense when seen in isolation, are in fact working together to produce something good in my life. There is a divine synergy even in the darkest mome
  • nts, a synergy which produces something positive. And that “good” that is ultimately produced could not happen any other way… (in Romans 8:29 Paul explains that) God has predestined you and me to a certain end. That certain end is the “good” of Romans 8:28. That certain end is that we might be conformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ… When Paul says that all things work together for good, he is not saying that the tragedies and heartaches of life will always produce a better set of circumstances. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. But God is not committed to making you healthy, wealthy and wise. He is committed to making you like his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. And whatever it takes to make you more like Jesus is good. So it is in the providence of God that we learn more in the darkness than we do in the light. We gain more from sickness than we do from health. We pray more when we are scared than when we are confident. “-{Ray Pritchard}

He intends from it “all”, the SPIRITUAL “good,” of conforming us to the image of Christ. “GOOD” as GOD deems “good” from His Perspective. The eternal good for every believer is to be conformed to the image of Christ and to spend eternity with Him as Romans 8:29 teaches.

God is in control and working “ALL things,” – everything without exception out for the eternal good of His children.



TRUST GOD for this moment. This is not the end of your story… He is!

TELL Someone of God today from Romans 8:28-29  and the “Good” He is up to!

God Bless,