GOD is the…STAR of Paul’s testimony!

“BUT when GOD, who set me apart from birth and called me by HIS grace, was pleased to reveal HIS Son in me so that I might preach HIM among the Gentiles” -(Galatians 1:15-16a).

This one verse is Paul’s “auto-biography.” It is packed with Paul’s testimony …to God. Paul writes this letter as false teachers have infiltrated the church’s with lies. They taught a “works salvation” where man was the center rather than God. That  the death of Christ was not alone sufficient to be saved, what was missing was the keeping of the law! The believers had exchanged the Gospel of Grace and fallen back into a “works mentality” mindset which was antagnostic to the Gospel of God. Paul wrote to them, “I am amazed that you are so quickly DESERTING HIM who called you by the GRACE OF CHRIST, for a DIFFERENT Gospel, which is really not another; only there are some who are DISTURBING you and want to DISTORT THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. “But even if we or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a Gospel contrary {other than, different} to what we have preached to you, he is to be ACCURSED.“{ Gal 1:6-8}. Such is the seriousness of proclaiming a gospel other than the Gospel of the grace of God, this one is accursed, for it leads to deserting Him, and it troubles the person for it lacks grace and can never lead to peace, for Peace is a Person and found in Him, not in a man centered, man exalting system that Displaces the Savior and exalts him or herself! Legalism is a differnt  distorted Gospel that disturbs believers and is lifeless, loveless, graceless, peaceless, and full of pride, turning people away from Christ ultimately by seeking to substitute Him for another, different, demonic and dilliuional gospel. It attacks the work and worth of Christ and is an affront to God and anyone who preaches such is accursed Paul says.

Paul exposes the lie of the legalists by  beginning with his own testimony and in this one verse, his auto-biography he lists at least 6 Aspects of The Grace of God. Join with me in CELEBRATING THE GOSPEL OF GOD’S GRACE.  In his “testimony,” Paul makes much of God. So many testimonies tend to make much of “me!” We fail to think rightly about God and we have too often a small view of Him, and we present a small view of Him to others. Consider carefully the TRUE and HIGH view Paul holds forth of God to those who had a low view of Him.



“But even before I was born, God chose me…”

God “chose,” the word means “marked out.” God “marked out” Paul before he was born. The work of salvation and service began before Paul was in existence, independent of Paul. The Sovereign choice of God was not unique to Paul. It is used of Israel-{Deut 7:6} It is is used of David -{1 Sam 16:12}. it is used of Jeremiah- {1:4-5;} it is used of God’s people- {Eph 1:3-4;} This is a glorious truth, a jewel in the crown of the believers spiritual blessings as mentioned in Eph 1:3-4, to celebrate God. How amazing that God from before the foundation of the world should knowingly reach into the sewer of humanity and pick out sinners and make them son’s and daughter’s for Himself- MARVELOUS GRACE! 


“…and called me by His marvelous grace. …”

Paul acknowledges it is a work of Divine grace independent of all human effort or merit. This salvation originated with God and is solely “..according to the will of our God and Father to whom be the glory forevermore. Amen.”-{Gal 1:5}. God chose, God called, God’s will executed. Note it is all of God! Seven times in Galatians Paul uses the word “grace,”His Divine unmerited favor, kindness,power, to expose, confront the error of legalism and man centered philosophies with God’s MARVELOUS Grace!
The Book of Galatians can be divided into…
A.- The Gospel of God’s Grace- DEFENDED- chapters 1-2
B.- The Gospel of God’s Grace – EXPLAINED -Chapters 3-4
C.- The Gospel of God’s Grace – APPLIED- Chapters 5-6

Grace is…mentioned 7 times in the book in opposition to the lies of legalism as a means to be right with God!


“…Then it pleased Him… ”
His motivation to save and set him aside to serve Him was motivated because it Pleased Him. It is not due the pleasure of a man or woman independent of God or in collaboration with God, “But God,” independent of all but Himself sovereign in His choice. He did it for His own pleasure. No other influence outside of His own pleasure caused Him to choose to redeem the ruined, from the bondage of sin, satan and self. And this God did for His own good pleasure, based on nothing in us, or seeing what we might become potentially. For we were born with a sin nature and apart from the Graciousness of God intervening we will die in our sin and suffer the consequences for such. “But God…” chose for His sole pleasure, extended His eternal salvation, deliverance and keeping {1 Pet 1:5} to such as Paul and you!  THIS IS MARVELOUS GRACE!


“… to reveal His Son in/ to me…”

He revealed Jesus to him which began on the road to Demascus and continued through his life! This was not due to human effort but according to GOD’S MARVELOUS GRACE, because “…it pleased Him!” Where once Paul had  the emphasis on himself, what he had done, such as v 14 reveals, “I persecuted . . . I advanced . . . (I was) more exceedingly zealous.”It was all about him! “But God…” when He saved him, his understanding allegiance shifted of himself onto God. His occupation, preoccupation, exaltation was God and who He is and what He had done. He says, “God, chose me…called me… reveal His Son in me…”  It is all, he testifies coming forth as a gift as a result of the pleasure of God. God reveled His Son to Him but also in Him! This is MARVELOUS GRACE!


For Paul it was-  “…That I might preach HIM “

While the legalist’s proclaimed, promoted a system devoid of grace and peace, Paul proclaimed The Savior, who is full of Grace and imparts His peace. Paul proclaimed A Person, Jesus Christ as the answer- A PERSON NOT A PROGRAM.  THE SAVIOR NOT A SYSTEM, as the exclusive answer to people’s spiritual need! Paul preached the Good news about a Person. He made much of Jesus Christ. He would later write, ” …may it never be that I should BOAST, EXCEPT IN THE CROSS OF our LORD Jesus Christ…”-{Gal 6:14}. The cross of Christ was central to His message for in it He saw the love of God and it’s liberating power. Paul proclaimed, and made much of a Person and His Work, the LORD Jesus Christ, Sovereign King!

**A system cannot save or empower, The Savior can and does!**

6.- GOD’S HEART – 

“…to the Gentiles.

His heart towards the nations, indeed the “despised” of the nations, as the “Gentiles” were! God’s heart is for all people, and Paul had been entrusted with this ministry. Here is an amazing manifestation of Grace. Many Jewish people in Paul’s day believed that the Gentiles were created for no other reason than to be fuel for the fires of Hell, and here God saves a man and entrusts him with the Gospel of grace, that they were not “fuel” for the fire of Hell, but created in the image of God and He so loved them that He sent His only unique son, so that they may not die in their sin but be freed from it to walk in newness of life with God as their Father. God chose Paul and entrusted him with this ministry to proclaim the good news of Jesus to the “despised” ones of Him who loved them. God’s heart through the message of Paul. It was all a result of the grace of God not because he was clever or a former person who had climbed the religious ladder as a “qualification,” nor being an accomplice to murder, been a “disqualification,” for His service! But like his call to salvation was a gift of God’s Grace so was his call to serve God a result of pure unadulterated Grace, The Sovereign love and unmerited favor, kindness and blessing was all of God, “The God of All grace.”- (1 Peter 5:10). God had saved Him for Himself and saved him imparting to him the privilege to co labor with Him for the spiritual good of others, even those who were despised as the “Gentiles” were. His heart is for all people, irrespective of what others think of them! Here is a wonderful outworking of the Grace of God leading to evangelism, seeking the good of all others through the making known of the Gospel of Grace! God’s grace has an effect! God’s grace, exalts Him! God’s grace cares about the welfare of all people, and wants them to hear the message. This is Marvelous Grace!

It is Paul’s Auto Biography but the STAR is …GOD!

Paul is the recipient of this Marvelous Grace, kindness, favor, empowering work of God, as are you? Don’t be led astray through turning to a “works mentality” in order to seek to earn God’s Pleasure, or to “maintain” your standing with God. Your acceptance is total, complete, irrevocable, based solely on the unadulterated, kindness, favor of Almighty God through the LORD Jesus. You cannot earn God’s pleasure, acceptance or Divine favor. You already have it!


Consider your own testimony. Is the emphasis on you or God when you share it?


* God Sovereignly chose you
* God extended His grace to you
* God was pleased to save and set you apart to serve Him
* God revealed His Son to you
* God has purposed your life for good works
* God’s heart is still the same… For the lost to know of The Gospel of the Grace of God!

SEEING GOD AS TOO SMALL- One problem in our testimonies is we too often fail to see God and His greatness in our lives and that of all believers! Or we often try and try and earn God’s favor through works. We drift back into a “works mentality” and by doing so nullify the grace of God, which is to say, “The death of Jesus Christ was not sufficient,” we need to “add” to it to make up for the deficiency to satisfy God!! Paul rebuked Peter for this…for it is devoid of “The Grace of God.” God is God and He is worthy to receive the Glory. He saves!






” God forbid that I should boast in anything except of the cross of Christ, my Lord.” -{Galatians 6:14}