“Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who has loved us and given us eternal comfort and good hope by grace, comfort and strengthen your hearts in every good work and word.” -{2 Thess. 2:16-17}

In verse 15 Paul’s Concern is they “stand firm”...” he tells them to stand firm in the Word of God. “…So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the teachings...”  “stand fast, which implies a firm persuasion of mind and constant purpose of will, and stands opposite to hesitation and despondency.” {Matthew Poole} :stand firm in their mind as opposed to their being shaken in v 2. His concern is their spiritual stability.

We all at times can be shaken and need to be spiritually stable and part of what Paul does in this prayer

 Look at the prayer and the work Of God…

“Now May our LORD Jesus Christ Himself and God our FATHER

  1. – Who HAS – Loved us
  2. – And GIVEN us Eternal comfort
  3. – And Good Hope, By Grace
  4. Comfort {encouragement,}
  5. … Strengthen your hearts
  6. In Every good Work and Word”


Note the work of God, who Has LOVED US…GIVEN us eternal COMFORT and Good HOPE and all this by GRACE, unmerited favor. What Graciousness ….PRAISE HIM for His Love, Comfort, Hope, Grace!!! …PRAISE the LORD Jesus and God “OUR” Father! In Your Praying Begin with focusing on God and Praise Him, ” I Praise You LORD Jesus and You God my Father You have Loved { “me” or the name of person you are praying for put there names in here…} and Given {“me” or the name of person you are praying for here.} Eternal Comfort and Good Hope, By Your Grace ! Paul Focus’s on the Lord and Praises Him for HIS… PROVISION Of His Son and Relationship with God as His, and the believers” Our FATHER, and The LOVE of God, The Eternal COMFORT of GOD, The HOPE of God, The GRACE of God!! “The word “consolation” is the word comfort. Literally, it means to call to one’s side. The idea is encouragement. God gives “everlasting encouragement.” God calls us alongside Himself to encourage us.” –{Grant Richison}

PRAISE Him For each aspect mentioned…Himself and His Provision to stabilize them spiritually. Look to Him, Look at His Provision and PRAISE HIM! PERSONALIZE the Verses as you PRAISE and Pray!


If you take out the words “us…your” and replace them and  PUT in A PERSONS’S NAME… and begin to pray it for them. For example “I Pray You will….COMFORT….{person’s name} their hearts STRENGTHENED…in Every Good WORK and WORD!  That they may “stand firm” spiritually stable! Comfort and Testimony to Jesus…And that they may “stand firm” spiritually stable!


Good works and Words are the product of Salvation, knowing Him personally; Knowing He loves you, the comfort He imparts. The assurance of Hope and His amazing Grace that saves, sustains. empowers and changes you from the inside out. And these PRODUCE works and words that seek the welfare of… others!

What a prayer!

Can you think of someone whom you can pray THIS for?

Memorize and meditate on these verses as “Fuel” for your PRAISE and Prayers!

Pray for someone now using these verses…