“Teach us to Pray…” the disciples asked our Lord. And so He did! …”Our Father…” How beautiful that He would teach that when they pray they were to address God as “Father.” This Awesome Wondrous Being who is all Powerful and all things not only Created by Him for His pleasure but also sustained by Him for His Glory, would deign to allow us sinful warped people whose breath He holds…to  call Him “Father.” It is Personal and speaks of tenderness … As “Father.” He is identifying with us on the most Personal and loving basis- as Family.

He is “Father” to those whom He has caused to be Born-Again- {1 Pet 1:3}

He is “Father” of all those who believe in His Son – {1 Pet 1:3}

He is “Father” who imparts His Holy Spirit to His Own- {Luke 11:13}

And One Reason He does so, is to give His Own the Assurance that God is our “Father.” Do you have this Assurance? One day while practicing Soccer with my under six team, Spencer copied my oldest son in saying “Daddy, Daddy…” He did it several times…Though he called me “daddy,” I knew he was not my son! People may call God “Father” but God knows who is and who is not His child. “To as many as received Him to them He gave the right to be called children of God.”-{John 1:12}. John-Wesley’s dad on his deathbed spoke of “Its the Inward witness,” referring to the Assurance the Holy Spirit brings and gives…this was troubling to some… who did not have assurance,…but the dear friend the Holy Spirit is given, and one reason to Assure us is that God Indeed is our Father…Do you know God as your “Father?” Do you have the Inward witness of the Holy Spirit where you know God as “Father?” He gives his insurance through His Word!

As “Father” He is the “Father of Love- { Read 1 John 3:1}

He is the Father of Light- {Read James 1:17}

He is the Father of ALL Comfort who comforts us -{Read 2 Cor 1:3}

As Father, He is Great in Mercy -{Read 1 Pet 1:3}

He has Blessed us with Every Spiritual Blessing in Christ Jesus {Read Eph 1:3}… so we have everything Pertaining to life and Godliness…-{ Read 1 Peter 1:3-4}. Unlike the Refrigerator salesman. who in the early days of traveling door to door salesmen, sold one to a man in the country, who had placed vegetables and meat in it. Weeks later a friend passing by his front door of his house which was opened smelled something foul. On inspection they discovered it was the fridge. The owner shared how he had been told, if he bought it, he could place his fruit, veggies and meat in it and they would be kept fresh, but the opposite, purification, decay, was happening. The friend looked around the back of the fridge which was pushed up against a wall and discovered the problem. It had not been plugged in to the source of power, the electrical system! As a result, though it was near the source of power, there was no power as it was not connected to the source. No contact!…It was not plugged in…therefore no Power… So too, it is not enough to know about the LORD, but to live the Christian life takes supernatural power that only the Holy Spirit can provide! Power is a Person in the Spiritual realm. And it is in submission to the Lord as Master to rule over us and Savior to Savior through repentance towards god and faith in our Loving Lord Jesus that His power is in our life!-  {Read Phil 2:12-13}

Not only has the Christian Power -{ Read 2 Peter 1:3-4}

They have Magnificent Promises…all because of God  our Father – {Read 2 Peter 1:3; 2 Cor 1:4}

They Have a Personal relationship with God as “Father”

Our “Father” has giving us everything we need to Glorify Him…It is from our  “Father” that Grace and Peace also come…” – {Read 2 Cor 1:2}

He is “Father” to the fatherless and widows- { Read Psalm 68:5}. It is He who takes up their case…

He is Helper of the Orphan…{Read Psalm 10:14}


For the Christian knows experientally;

Our “Father” has the Power to Forgive sin – {Read Luke 23:3}

Our “Father” hears our Prayers … {Read Matt. 6:9}

He is our “Father” who answers our Prayers  … {Read Matt 7:11}

He is our Father who knows our needs…{Read Matt 6:8}

He is our Father who meets “ALL of our needs according to His Glory in Christ Jesus” -{Read Phil 4:13}


Benefits of  God as our “Father”

  1. Family {Spiritual}
  2. His children
  3. We have a Living HOPE
  4. Reconciled to God.
  5. Free from the need to Worry
  6. Free not to Fear
  7. Free to enjoy Fellowship
  8. Free to love others
  9. Spiritual Power to live the Christian life
  10. with God as our Father.



A. The Reality of God – as “Father.”




How should we respond to such A God, who is our “Father”?

  1. Bless Him
  2. Praise Him
  3. Thank Him
  4. Worship Him
  5. Glorify Him
  6. Pray to Him
  7. Meditate on His Love for us.
  8. Bow your knee in submission in awe.
  9. Fellowship with Him
  10. Trust Him
  11. Share Him


Adjust your attitude, prayers, to Pray and Praise to “Our Father.”