“For through Him, we both have access in one Spirit to the Father” – Ephesians 2:18 

The story is told of a little Boy named Willie who stood wistfully at the Gates of Buckingham Palace, looking in. He wanted to go in and see the King. Between him and the king however, were IRON GATES, Armed Soldiers, Watching Police and Rigid Protocol…What he wanted was Out of HIS ABILITY and out of the question, he had no rights or claims for Access to the King.

A POLICEMAN who was ordering the young boy to leave suddenly Stiffened and Sprang to attention.

A WELL DRESSED MAN, CONFIDENTLY approached him and a BRUSQUE NOD OF THE HEAD from the man and the Police man unlocked the gates and stood aside. “Come with me sonny,” said the man, Taking the boy by the hand.” WE’RE GOING TO SEE THE KING.”  Into the palace they went. Inside were forty housemaids, Fifty Footmen {Including one man who did nothing but wind clocks all day}- and there was 600 rooms.WILLIE AND THE MAN WALKED ON AND ON – to the North wing, up stairs, along endless passages, to the kings corridors on the main floor, And into the Master Suite {They were a QUARTER OF A MILE AWAY from THE KITCHEN!!!}

THE MAN SEEMED TO KNOW the way and chatted about the rooms as they passed; The Magnificent Ballroom that contained two majestic Thrones on a raised dais; THE STAMP ROOM that Housed the worlds most valuable collection: The Belgian suite with its forty-four rooms for the use of state visitors; The Royal wardrobe; The Music Room, the   Dining room, with a table as large as a skating rink; The dazzling green  drawing room. FINALLY, THEY ARRIVED  IN THE KINGS PRESENCE, AND THE MAN SPOKE, “HELLO…FATHER. HERE’S A LITTLE BOY WHO WANTS TO MEET YOU… MEET MY FRIEND WILLIE. WILLIE…THIS IS THE KING.”
THE LITTLE BOY HAD TAKEN THE HAND OF  DWARD, PRINCE OF WALES…THE KINGS…SON.  THROUGH the Son, WILLIE WAS GRANTED ACCESS…TO THE KING.  Willie had no right, no ability, no means to gain entrance into the Kings presence. No doors or gates could open for him, BUT when he placed his hand in the hand of the son, and walked with him, trusting him to lead and guide him, he was lovingly led straight to the Presence of the King.


THE WORD “ACCESS” WAS SOMETIMES USED of the official in an Oriental court called a “Chamberlain.” He conducted visitors into the Kings Presence, announced their names and left. But Jesus not only Knows the way to the Father, He is “THE WAY” {John 14:6} … and He not only Announces you by Name but His Desire is that you be there, He has Prayed to that end! {John 17:24} ” Father I DESIRE WHERE I, AM, BE WITH ME ALSO, TO BEHOLD MY GLORY.” Not only is it His DESIRE but His DELIGHT,” To Him who is Able to … PRESENT YOU before His GLORIOUS PRESENCE without Fault and With GREAT JOY…” {Jude 24}… Jesus is not only “THE WAY”- He is Exclusive, His way and Only His Way, but it is His DESIRE for you to be there and it is His DELIGHT To Present you there, and DEATH- His Death in your place and mine, as our Sin Bearer, in order through His sinless Sacrifice on our behalf before a Holy God to satisfy the penalty for sin. And so, His Desire and Delight in presenting you Faultless and with “GREAT JOY!” before The Father…

HAVE YOU TAKEN THE SON’S HAND? Have you turned to God and trusted in His Son – alone, for forgiveness and mercy? If so then because of THE SON OF GOD, the Lord Jesus Christ and through Him alone and His Perfect Sacrifice on Calvary…then you too have unlimited access to the Father … which includes

HIS PERSON – Heb 4:16 – “Let us then approach THE THRONE OF GRACE with confidence, SO THAT we may receive  mercy and find grace to help us in time of need.”

HIS POWER  – Eph 1:18-19 – “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may KNOW the…His incomparable GREAT POWER for us who believe.”

HIS PROVISION – 2 Peter 1:3 – “His divine Power HAS GIVEN US EVERYTHING we need for Life and Godliness through Him who called us by His own Glory and Goodness.”

HIS PROMISES – 2 Peter 1:4 – “Through these He has Given us His very GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES, SO THATthrough Them you may participate in the Divine nature…”

HIS PRIVILEGES – 2 Cor 6:1 – “And working together with Him…” …in Evangelizing with the Gospel {Matt 28:20}…in Edifying up His church {Eph 4:17}… in Exalting Him {Isa 12:4, Eph 3:21. 1 Cor 10:31}

This Access is PERMANENT…you cannot lose it . It is PERSONAL- … it’s for you! It’s PLURAL…Its for all who turn to God and trust His Son…It has been PURCHASED – through the Blood of Jesus Christ

Hebrews 10:19 says,” Therefore brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the Blood of Jesus,
by  a New and Living way OPENED FOR US THROUGH the curtain, that is HIS BODY, and since we have a great
Priest over the House of God, let us DRAW NEAR TO GOD with a sincere heart in FULL ASSURANCE of faith,
having our hearts sprinkled to Cleanse us from a Guilty Conscience …”

The Highest and fullest achievement of Peacemaking, and reconciliation is seen in our ACCESS TO GOD…Ephesians 2:18 reads, “FOR THOUGH HIM…”- IT IS EMPHATIC…THOUGH JESUS CHRIST, and JESUS CHRIST- ALONE, IS OUR GLORIOUS ACCESS TO THE ONE TRUE AND ONLY GOD!! W e read also in Eph 3:12- “in whom we have boldness and confident access through faith in Him.

THERE IS A BEAUTIFUL OLD HYMN WRITTEN BY EA HOFFMAN CALLED “CHRIST HAS FOR SIN ATONEMENT MADE”- the words read: “Christ has for sin atonement made, what a Wonderful Savior! We are Redeemed! The Price is Paid! What a Wonderful Savior. What a Wonderful Savior is Jesus, My Jesus, What a Wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord! I praise Him for His cleansing blood what a Wonderful Savior, That reconciled my soul to God, what a wonderful Savior He cleansed my heart from all its sin, What a Wonderful Savior, and Now He reigns and rules therein; what a wonderful Savior. He Gives me overcoming power What a wonderful Savior, and Triumph in each trying hour What a wonderful SAVIOR. What a Wonderful SAVIOR IS Jesus my Jesus What a Wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord.”

And yet the words of another hymn writer capture the Love of the Lord Jesus and the Access purchased for us whit these words,”Jesus Paid it all, ALL to HIM I owe, sin has made a crimson stain…He’s washed it white as Snow….” Another beautiful hymn whose words say “Jesus, Jesus how I love Him How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er, precious Jesus my sweet Jesus Oh for Grace to Trust him More. my Sweet Jesus Oh for Grace to trust Him More AND MORE…

“And all the unknown joys HE gives,
Were bought with agonies unknown.”
– Watts
Dear child of God, Use your ACCESS now and Look forward to the Day when JESUS CHRIST WILL TAKE YOU BY THE HAND AND PRESENT YOU FAULTLESS WITH GREAT JOY TO THE FATHER…. YOU ARE…. WE ARE…GOING TO SEE THE … KING!  “Hallelujah, Hallelujah we’re going to see the King…”

Enjoy His Presence, Provisions, Power, Promises and Privileges today…YOUR FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS THE PROMISES OF GOD AND AS CERTAIN AS THE SON OF GOD … we’re going to See the King!