“ADONAI”  is used it is said is used over four hundred times in the Scriptures. The name comes from “Adon,” which transalted as “master” or “ruler.” It has the idea of “ownership, rulership “in it. And it contains responsibility within the word.  Psalm 97 says that  God is “the ADONAI of the whole earth. He not only is Creator {Elohim}, but He is also Adonai. He is owner of all. “For every beast of the  forest is Mine, that cattle on a  thousand hills.”-{Psalm 50:10}. As Creator who has made us, sustains our very breath  and as Adonia the Owner of all on His earth including the earth we are on, is the call to submission to His authority, and rightly so since He is Ruler and Owner of all! In submission to His authority, rulership, comes with it His personal loving, wise leadership in our lives, revealed through His Word and Spirit to us. We entrust Himself to Him in submission to His authority because we are created and Owned by Him who loves us and wants what is best for us in light of eternity! The alternative? To be under the ownership of the evil one living in bondage to sin and satan! -{Eph 2:1-3; 2 Timothy 2:26}. As “Adonai,” in relationship with Him, He is the Ruler, and He takes Responsibility, our privilege and the right thing to so is to submit to Him! We begin this relationship with our resignation of self rule and submit to Him and His loving, caring, right rule!

The word “Adonai,” is sometimes translated “Lord” in the Scriptures which means “master, owner” and is used to describe the relationship between Jeremiah the prophet and God where he acknowledges Him as “my master” The word also speaks of “ownership” The earth is the LORDS and all it contains. Yet we seem to have a problem with- HIM! We forget 1 Cor 4:7 what do you have that you have not- received! We tend to take what He gives and wrap our hands around it and proclaim it is “MINE!” From a child who fights over his or her rights to “ownership” we are just as juvenile- well, let’s be honest – sinful in our attitude towards what the LORD has entrusted to us to be used for- HIS glory! “Ownership,” says it is mine- I Posses it. “Stewardship” – understands It belongs to another and I am entrusted with it to be responsible for that which belongs to another.

John Wesley upon arriving back and seeing his house on fire- burning to the ground, was not upset as he declared it was the LORD’S house to do with as He saw fit- no panic for he never saw himself as the rightful owner to it. He understood whatever he had belonged to Him It does not mean we are emotionless but we have to understand “this” and “all” I have be it little or much is THE LORD’S. Do you see yourself as “OWNER” or”steward?”

A Good exercise perhaps to get a sheet of paper and list what you mistakenly believe you “own” and write it down and tell Him you have come to your senses and realize it is all His and you have tried to usurp Him as rightful Owner/ master of it and you repent and give it one by one back to Him. LOOK WHAT is on the sheet of paper and then …SIGN IT ALL AWAY.{it was never ours or mine in the first place, how silly we often are… how insanely sinful !}

The result? A right understanding of your relationship to “ADONAI”- – “my Master, My Owner”

If you cling to it and clutch it-, it’s an idol.

The sinful mentality of clinging to that which God rightfully own and maintaining this sinful attitude, that it is “mine” is madness. So in this sense “Ownership” is bondage. “Stewardship” is Liberty.

If you keep your hand open and hold it in the palm of your hand before Him you know it is His to do whatsoever He pleases with it. Yours to manage to the best of your ability what rightfully belongs to God- “my Master, my Owner”…

Do you “see” yourself as “owner” or “steward?”
Which does your life prove you live?

Is not some of the “frustration” we exhibit a true sign of what we truly believe about who truly “owns” it when something happens or threatens “my stuff, things”

Is there anything you need to “Sign away” today and give back in your mind to the rightful Owner.