Spiritual Maturity recognizes “Good” in the hard things!

Our definition of “good,” is usually that which is pleasing, beneficial, profitable, and pleasurable to us but never would we think that afflictions pain, or problems can be “good.” But yet the Psalmist said “It is good for me that I was afflicted that I may learn your statutes”-( Psalm 119:71). By the grace of God he saw the outcome of his afflictions was good, namely that he would pay attention, learn God’s statues, His Word, for in it He would learn of the God whose Word it is. At times afflictions can scatter us to the wind as it were but God works in us to draw us to Himself through His Word that we may learn of Him, His Will, and His ways and that is a “Good,” thing for it is profitable, beneficial to us! The Psalmist’s view can be also our view by the grace of God.

God purposes “good,” for us even through our painful afflictions!

The Psalmist developed a Divine perspective and his was a spiritually mature response to his afflictions. Afflictions In and of themselves are not good. But God’s goal in them is “good!”

God bless