” I walk through the valley… You are with me, …to comfort me.”-{Psalm 23:4}

We are walking through…moving ever onwards! True, it can often be a valley of uncertainty. A Place where we cannot “control” and we feel vulnerable, helpless, but indeed it is a great tool in the hands of the Master to wean us from self- reliance to resting in the Good Shepherd!  The valley is but an opportunity to walk through it with a Person. God designs the valleys, determines the length, depth of each valley. Each valley is but another opportunity- as painful as the process may be to learn to walk with and walk through the valley with The Shepherd of your soul the Lord Jesus.

So what is your particular “valley” today dear friend of the Lamb? Does He not know? Does it seem as though He does not care, or has forgot you? A thousand arrows of darkness assaults the mind of the Christian but we choose to believe our unseen Savior and we know that we WILL walk through this particular valley and with each valley as wearying as they often can be, we can learn to trust Him for the next  part of the journey because our Shepherd  is teaching us to trust in Him who alone is reliable! This same Shepherd once became a Lamb for you- slaughtered, offered up as a sin sacrifice in your place, and His offering accepted by God and on the third day He arose victor over the grave, satan and sin, and now lives to be your SHEPHERD. So you can say, in any and all valleys, “The Lord is MY Shepherd, I shall not want… He is with me, His rod and staff to COMFORT me.”- There is hope in this particular valley for there is God in every valley you will ever encounter to lead and guide and comfort you to continue and enable you to walk through the valleys, for He is with you and “You’ll never walk alone!” “You are with me…”It was in life’s crucible David testifies to the LORD who was his Shepherd who would walk with him through deep and difficult times, for the Good Shepherd will never abandon us{Heb 13:5} or allow us to walk alone unaided and unequipped for the valley.  He walks with you, He comforts us in the deep and dark and challenging places.

It is not what you “feel” or don’t, but what He says.”For You are With Me…to comfort me.”-{Psalm 23;4}

His Word assures us,

You’ll Never walk alone!