Consider Words of Hope, comfort and certainty from Psalm 23:4.  The Psalmists said “though I walk through the valley….”

What a wonderful note of encouragement for those who are in the valley. In the place of darkness, where the evening darkness gathers and the sunlight is hidden. Where it is hard to see in front of you the obstacles and dangers of the known and the unknown which the mind conjures up courtesy of a vicious and evil foe who would have you taken up with the uncertainties and the unknown, the “what if’s,” the fears and anxieties that he flings at God’s people. The “fiery darts” of fears, disillusionment, questions about the goodness of God to the mind. But note the good news- dearly beloved of the Lord. David says “though I walk through the valley.” No stopping or camping in the valley for us. No need to look for a “motel 6” whose famous slogan was “we’ll keep the light on for you,” so we can rest a night. We weren’t and are not planning on staying in this valley any longer than we have to, right? Do I hear an “amen!” : ) – oh no, we are walking through this valley. This valley will not conquer us or capture, and contain us!

We are walking through…moving ever onwards, closer and closer to the Father’s House! True, it can often be a valley of uncertainty. A Place where we cannot “control” and we feel vulnerable, helpless, but indeed it is a great tool in the hands of the Master to wean us from self- reliance to resting in the Good Shepherd!

The valley is but an opportunity to walk through it with a Person. God designs the valleys, determines the length, depth of each valley. Each valley is but another opportunity- as painful as the process may be to learn to walk with and walk through the valley with The Shepherd of your soul the Lord Jesus. In each and every valley of life you come to, know you are passing through it. It is temporal, not eternal. You are walking through and you never walk alone, for the Shepherd always walks with you, providing all you need for “The LORD is my Shepherd I shall not want… even though I walk through the valley I will fear no evil for You are with me, Your rod and staff they comfort me. ”

Walking through the valleys, accompanied by  the Shepherd