There is a wonderful picture of God’s Grace in the Old Testament with the story of KING DAVID and MEPHIBOSHETH who was the CRIPPLED son of his friend Jonathan and is  found in 2 Sam 4 and 9.MEPHIBOSHETH was crippled by a fall 4:4; David desired to show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake and sought him out 9:1,5 ; and had him come recline at his table, was given riches and security 9:4; and  a place at the kings table and treated as a son of the king 9:11 – MEPHIBOSHETH could contribute nothing to David… but out of love for Jonathan, MEPHIBOSHETH  benefited greatly. He did not earn or merit it but it was all of GRACE- THE UNMERITED FAVOR Of KING DAVID TO LAVISH him with KINDNESS and gifts, on account of another Jonathan!…This is GRACE in Action! Mephibosheth upon hearing David was seeking him out was troubled, for he knew he could contribute nothing to the king. Yet, it was not his contribution but the graciousness of the king that would elevate him and lavish all he needed and treat him as a son and he would eat at the king’s table. He was highly favored… all on account of another, Jonathan!

It is the picture of God dealing with you and me for Christ’s sake… YOU ARE ACCEPTED…OWNED, BELOVED by the KING, MADE an HEIR AND ADOPTED INTO THE FAMILY OF GOD WITH ALL THE RIGHTS OF A BELOVED CHILD, SON OR DAUGHTER. YOU DID NOT DESERVE IT, COULD NEVER EARN IT, “BUT GOD… being rich in mercy because of His great love made us alive together with His Son!” You are loved, graced by God, settle down in your heart, rest in the Grace of  this Wonderful King.

Like Mephibosheth you could do nothing to earn the favor of the Eternal King, you are a recipient of the Graciousness of the Eternal One through the Son! Grace when we read it in the New Testament, we must immediately recognize, it is ONLY THROUGH the GRACE of Christ and the finished work of Christ.

Like Mephiboshet, we can add nothing to God, we are incapable of earning His favor but can receive His favor and know it is nothing in us but everything to do with His Son Jesus, that we are ” blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms In Christ, just as he chose us before the foundation of the world…In Love He predestined us to adoption… accepted in the Beloved…  in Him we have redemption the forgiveness of sins… sealed with the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption”-{Eph 1:3-15}

Your acceptance is totally, wholly based on Another, The LORD Jesus. God accepts you completely, wholly, irrevocably on the merits of another and it is all by Grace that you have the full favor and benefits, of the grace of our LORD Jesus!