“Better is one day in your courts┬áthan a thousand elsewhere;…” -Psalm 84:10

Talk not of streets of gold or “mansions in the sky” all would be derelict to the heart if He Himself was not there. It is Himself that makes Heaven, Heaven. For, neither the meeting of old friends or the escape of this sinful sick flesh we live in- but Himself the pursuit, delight and more than enough to be with Him that is the grandest thing of all. Himself, “not joy, nor peace, nor blessing”- Himself the Prize!

And for now, one day in His courts, in His presence to be with Him, contemplating, celebrating, worshiping Him, occupied and communing with Him, one day in His courts is like no other day.., compare the most favorable and desirable and indeed delightful of all days and they pale into insignificance, of lesser value, indeed are proven to be bankrupt in light of the true value-God Himself. His companionship. His quickening of His Word to the heart. His revealing of Himself through His Word. His assurances when we doubt or are fearful. His comfort when we are afflicted or downcast. He Himself in all His kindness,and compassion overflowing from His loving heart attract us to HIM, desiring Him even more, humbling us with His love and drawing us out from the sinful shell of self protection to relinquish ourselves more and more in the arms of Love, realizing we can trust the One who loves us -knowing He is for us. Our hearts warmed and attracted to Him more and more till we too conclude,”Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere…” For the grandest of all days is the day that is filled with Him.

I was reminded this morning of a note I received more than 25 years ago, that was retrieved from an elderly lady’s Bible after she passed on to be with her Lord. In it she had written,“LORD, I come into Your presence, not with a want list just yearning to be near You.” She like the psalmist had concluded in her life time there was nothing more desirable and delectable to the soul – than – God – Himself.

Today, the sun is out in Ireland, not hot but a cool day with blue skies. In meeting people and greeting them, you may hear, especially by the older generation, “It’s a grand day, now,” meaning “It’s a lovely day.” Indeed there is nothing grander nor more lovelier than Him. For indeed the grandest of all days are the days filled with Him.