Ask yourself this question.

“Are the THOUGHTS I am giving my time, attention, and dwelling on at this moment, leading me and leaving me LOVING GOD…with ALL…my Mind- as they are TRUE of Him, who I am In Him and what His Word teaches?” If not, you have succumbed to satanic deception and to continue, is to take the Name of the LORD in vain!



* RECOGNIZE the evil thought
* REJECT giving it your attention
* REPLACE it with Truth – {Jesus is “THE TRUTH”-{John 14:6;} His Word is TRUTH-“Your Word is Truth”- {John 17:17}
* REPLAY, Replay, Replay the Word of God in your thinking. {Read Phil 4:8}. Replay it again and again in your mind as it will influence your emotions and choices you make! Your mind is being renewed.{Read Rom 12:1-3}
* DO the Word, by faith!{Read James 1:22}
* REJOICE In the Truth-  {“Rejoices with the TRUTH”- 1 Cor 13:6}
* RENEW your mind through practicing {Phil 4:9}
**These are imperative verses to memorize to protect your mind and mature in your discernment.{Read Hebrews 5:14}
Write on a 3 by 5 card, carry with you or place in a prominent place you can see daily like a bathroom mirror, or by your bed so you can read first thing in the morning and read last thing at night. Read, reread, re-read, meditate on each part. For example.”Whatever is True”- Ask yourself, “Is what I am thinking TRUE of God, Who He says I am, what He says?” If not reject it, replace it with truth,replay the truth in your mind. Be a doer of the Word. Rejoice in the truth and Him, the LORD JESUS who is “the way THE TRUTH, the life,”-{John 14:6} and Renew your mind, by choosing to resist and reject being squeezed into the worlds system of thinking that replaces, relegates the God of Scripture are ultimate authority, for living! Keep Renewing your mind.{Read Rom 12:1-3}
You cannot stop thoughts coming to your mind but “In Christ” you have the ability to CHOOSE what you allow your mind to dwell, continually think  on!
Share the good news of How to Love God and renew your mind with someone today. Each of us at times battle with false concepts, lies, not thinking the best, and we have continued on with the PRACTICE of thinking and concluding as we did when we were outside of Christ. But you no longer need to live that way, nor should you. Sometimes old habits tend to dominate when new habits are to be formed and God provides His Holy Spirit and Word to aid us in the process by faith! Are you choosing to love God with your …mind, by what you continually think on?
It is time to RENEW the way we think and Develop a NEW PRACTICE of GODLY THINKING,taking one thought captive at a time, to what end? Ultimately that YOU…”LOVE the LORD YOUR GOD with ALL of your…. MIND”
DO Right!
Choose Right!