Paul answers this in Philippians 1…”Christ will even now, as always, be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death… Convinced of this, I know that I will remain and continue with you all for your progress and joy in the faith,”– {Phil 1:20,-25}

1.- To Live Christ– which involves Christ being EXALTED, Magnified in his body whether by life or death.- 2. – To Labor for OTHERS Spiritual benefit. Spending your life in that which produces spiritual fruit namely to the end Laboring, working hard and SPECIFICALLY and DELIBERATELY that the Believers may “Progress in Joy in The Faith” – {Phil 1;25}. The word “progress” includes the sense of  advancing against opposition, going forward against continual resistance as both he and they seek to go forward in  their growth in grace,faith in Christ. Opposed by the world’s system, the flesh, the evil one .Progress pictures trail blazing so that an army can advance (Php 1:12-). Don’t be surprised, keep laboring in love! The word “convinced” is a verb and the idea of a settled conviction is the result of a past completed process of turning a matter over and over in one’s mind until one is persuaded of it.It includes the ideas of confidence, reliance, hope! Paul was convinced, persuaded, concluded- “this is it!” 

Why are you still on this earth? TWO REASONS from these verses-

  1. -EXALTING; To MAGNIFY/EXALT Jesus Christ in your body, whether by living or dying. Christ magnified is the goal! And maturing in your Christian walk, as you are being changed in your thinking {Read Phil 4:8} and the way you live out your life.
  2. -INVESTING; Depositing your life into their lives for their spiritual benefit… their “Joy in their faith!” And as you do, know such labor will be fruitful! Real progress in the faith will result in genuine joy in the faith. The words progress and joy are united by the same preposition and are both modified by the phrase “in the faith.” These two go together: progress in the faith and joy in the faith (Rom 15:13). This is why Paul wants to continue to stay with them on earth. SO THAT the believers continually grow in their faith and grow in their joy. As they progress, grow in their faith so they grow in their joy! It is not possible to grow in your faith and not in your joy! Their Joy in the LORD, Who He is and all that is theirs “In Christ.” Paul’s desire to remain on with them was purposeful — .. disciple them in the Truth (2Ti 2:2- 2Ti 4:2-), sanctify them in the Truth (Jn 17:17), and as they were fed the Word of God they like new men babes who INTAKE the “sincere milk of the Word” and obey it would they Grow and be transformed in their salvation -{Read 1 Peter 2:2}

“This is why Paul wants to stay on planet earth: so people can grow in their faith and grow in their joy. He says something similar to the Corinthians: “I do not mean that we have control of your faith, but we are workers with you for your joy, because you stand by faith.” (2 Cor 1:24) What a wonderful way to think about ministry: striving so that others may rejoice in all that is theirs in Christ. Can you identify with this mission? Do you think about living daily for the benefit of others’ progress and for the increase of their joy? This is another way we make much of Jesus. (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary – Exalting Jesus in Philippians)”

If you are “living Christ” you are denying self to serve others for Jesus sake. If you are not “Living Christ” you are serving self and denying others, and not living for Jesus sake!

If You Lose Sight of WHY You are Still here, you will become introspective rather than CHRIST CONSCIOUS and OTHERS CONSCIOUS… You will be  tempted to waste time in different pursuits which are of no eternal benefit. It’s easy for us to fall into that trap, “But God…” through Paul gives us CLEAR REASONS OF…”WHY I AM STILL HERE!” You have PURPOSE to live and the above are but two reasons …in chapter 3: 8,10 is the master passion of Paul “To KNOW HIM…” and out of that flow the above two desires and deeds! As long as you are living you have PURPOSE. Paul wrote this from a place of difficulty though”Shut In” he did not allow it to “shut him down,” and neither should you… that’s Good News! EXALTING Him in your body and INVESTING in His people to see them mature, and to work at it, Labor at it,”fruitful LABOR,” and know it will be fruitful for eternity!

The questions to ask in regards our choices, “What is best for the LORD?…How will this benefit the progress of the faith and Joy of…Others?”

Familiarize yourself with the above verses and be READY to Give an account to others to encourage them of “WHY AM I STILL HERE?” Name the reasons and explain to them.., They too have purpose and be able to answer “WHY AM I STILL HERE?”  Because HE Wants me here!! And HE Wants me to know while I am here, what to preoccupy  my life with! This is part of helping them “progress in the joy of their faith”- knowing why they are still here. That’s good News…Pass it on-