PRAYER is to be the first option. “First of all I want the men to pray”-{1 Tim 2:1}. “Devote yourselves to prayer, staying alert with an attitude of thanksgiving.”-{Col 4:2}. “Pray lest you faint,{lose heart}.”- {Luke 18:1}. Prayerlessnes is pride as it says, “I am not dependent or needful of God. I can do this myself, or God cannot be trusted with this.”

PRAY, when you don’t “feel,” like praying, as failing to is a subtle temptation to lull you into temptation and waters of deception.

PRAY, when you don’t feel like praying! “Pray without ceasing,”- Turn your thoughts of people, circumstances to God and PRAY.

When you see something beautiful, PRAY with gratitude, when you see or feel something that troubles you, PRAY.

When you don’t know which way to turn, what to do, when the waters of circumstances would seem as though they are in control and seek to drown you, like Peter who when sinking, PRAYED, “LORD Help,” you too PRAY!

PRAYER is an acknowledgment of our need, our humanity, frailty, dependence upon Him though unseen, sees all and knows no limitations of goodness, rightness, care, love for us and does what will honor Him. When you “feel,” you can do no more, you can counteract that lie, and take it to the LORD in PRAYER.

“In my desperation I prayed and the LORD LISTENED…” Your Father who sees in secret will reward you.-{Psalm 34:6-NLT; Matt 6:6-8}.

Because He tells me to, and when I choose to obey Him, His Word tells me it expresses Love to Him, “He who has My commandments and obeys them Loves Me”-{John 14:21}. PRAYER is an attitude and act of LOVE FOR JESUS CHRIST!

Why is your PRAYER life attacked? To seek to hinder you from expressing love to Jesus Christ! Prayer is a love thing, a love issue….pray on, love on as you do, your attitude and act is not unknown to the King of Love!

Prayer; A Last thing? A Lost Thing? PRAYER is…A Love Thing!