If you were to go buy a new washer and dryer you might get a guaranteed warranty {at a cost!}- for two years, but at the end of two years- you are on your own! The warranty runs out and the company no longer is obliged for any coverage of parts. The Guarantee is up! This is a limited warranty. Not so, with God’s forgiveness towards you! He says “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins “NO MORE.”-{Heb 10:17}. Unlike the “warranty” and “coverage” that comes with the washer and dryer. God’s “COVERAGE” and “WARRANTY” runs out when? “NO MORE.” It is an ETERNAL guarantee, COVERAGE from this moment as you read this for the rest of your days, and even, God forbid you get amnesia or lose your ability to “REMEMBER”- God will not fail to forget, He has given His personal “WARRANTY,” and He cannot lie! There are no “Unforeseen circumstances” that may have Him to go back and figure out the “fine -print.” He cannot lie and He cannot fail, because He is faithful to perform His Word! He has given HIS WARRANTY – “NO MORE.”

GOD does not have a “probation” period for you His child, to be under “limited warranty” in regards forgiveness for you. By the way the word “canceled” in Colossians 2:13-14 where it speaks of Jesus nailing our IOU Debt to the cross and bearing our sin means, “ERASED.” God is not holding your sin somewhere to use against you someday as if He is having, “A BAD DAY,” and takes it out on you! God Has “erased” your sin record and now you stand before Him as one of HIS –“NO MORE” children. What a Savior! You can “erase” what is on your hard drive but experts can retrieve, God does not “erase” the hard drive of sin against you as it were, He removes the hard drive and obliterates it having nailed His SON to the cross, to bear it all so you may never again be punished for it- JESUS BORE ALL OF THEM… and now you have His eternal guarantee, and when the evil one would whisper thoughts of accusations against you. Remember God’s Blood sealed covenant, guaranteed from Him to you…His Divine unalterable promise in these two glorious words, forever settled in Heaven towards you…“NO MORE.”

Who is he who condemns you? Christ died, buried raised again for you and to give you a new standing, justified, peace with God,ALL sins forgiven and an eternal promise, Put your name in here “____ sins and iniquities I Will Remember NO MORE” Since He does not hold your sins against you, why should you allow the evil one to inject and embrace his accusations and live as though GOD has given you a limited, token “warranty?” Why embrace the lie, when your conscience seeks to condemn or others?Renew your mind and align it with who and what He says about you!{Rom 12:2}. There is no “penance” for you to do, no probation to see if you can “perform” to an acceptable standard, for both these ways of thinking are an insult  to the work of Christ on the cross.  They are works of self righteousness seeking in ones own effort to attain the unattainable outside of the LORD Jesus. Only He can accomplish the work of God. He has paid it all! You are not accepted on your performance, but on His alone. Salvation is of God! It is TIME to Embrace Him and His Word for you, and to to discard the lies and REPLACE and embrace His truth to you and celebrate Him and implement His Work and promise to you… you are part of His “NO MORE” people! That is GREAT NEWS. MEMORIZE this verse, Meditate upon Him and each word , phrase, pray it in praise and speak it to yourself, what is true of you “In Christ.”

Pray for opportunities to share it with others, of His Work, His “eternal warranty!”You Are the recipient of an Eternal “Warranty”- Blood bought, sealed , unbreakable, unshakable,irreversible –“NO MORE.” How long is the Promise good for? How long will it last? Simple answer… As Long as God Lives, so lasts the promise. He is ETERNAL {John 17;3} therefore His Promise to you is ETERNAL!Again personalize it and place your name in here, “For I will forgive______ wickedness and remember _____ sins NO MORE” –{Heb 10:17}.

God bless and may He make this a reality to you, so you live no more in acceptance of condemnation and guilt but in liberty and assurance of the eternal warranty to you, “NO MORE!”