What Does God Call Someone Who Perseveres Under Trial? – {Read James 1:12}.

What a wonderful thought these past days that those who “persevere”in trials {James 1:12} will not only receive “the crown of life” and the Lord who promises says that these ones “LOVE HIM ” but He has a name for them. He calls them…“Blessed!”… Of all the names that can be thrown at them, they “lack faith…something wrong with them…. must be sin in their lives….” All the derogatory and misplaced “names” that can be thrown at the ones in trials, “But God…” sees they persevere, no, not perfect but persevering… they “Love Him,” He proclaims, and then this beautiful word conveyed upon them that from His perspective they are “Blessed!” What a comforting, uplifting word to the one in the midst of troubles who does not curse God, turn away from God but continues on persevering…. this one we can look on and see and proclaim from God’s perspective are “Blessed!”

AS “BLESSED!” And to these He promises a “crown of Life.” Why? Because they have manifested their love for Him by persevering in the HARD Place. The Difficult Place. The Painful Place.

To Persevere according To Thayer’s Greek word study means “to remain i.e. abide, not recede or flee to preserve: under misfortunes and trials to hold fast to one’s faith in Christ , to endure, bear bravely and calmly: ill treatments.”

What Does their “persevering” prove? That They “LOVE HIM!” So what is the point to tempt you to quit and throw in the towel? It is to tempt you to stop showing Love to Him!

Remember that the next time you are tempted to quit persevering, It is a love issue! Love for Him! The Great motivation is “LOVE FOR HIM” that is greater than the temptation or trial. It is a greater Love…a Higher Love. Love For Him, the great motivation for Him who first Loved us!

Trials when handled rightly, are an opportunity to develop and display perseverance and LOVE FOR GOD!

What does God call someone who is “persevering” in trials? “Blessed!”

The next time you see someone persevering in their trials you know three things about them

1.- They LOVE Him
2.- He calls them, ” BLESSED.”it doesn’t matter what others call them.
3.- He will Reward them with “CROWN OF LIFE” awaits them from HIM!

You are witnessing a Work of the Grace of GOD. A LIVING TESTIMONY …TO YOU… OF HIM! You Too Can Persevere, By His empowering!

Why is This Verse So Important To You?
* It is Truth and LIBERATES {John 8:32;17:17}
* You need to speak the truth to yourself when under pressure To have God’s perspective
* THINK about the times you give your opinion to others and how imperative you do not take His Name in vain, by using it in a dishonoring way by not representing and presenting His Word accurately, compassionately to another “when they encounter various trials “- {v2}. Impart His Hope To Them by sharing His OBJECTIVE Truth from James 1:12

“BLESSED is a man who PERSEVERES UNDER TRIAL; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who LOVE HIM “- James 1:12

This is a good verse to memorize, meditate , pray for yourself and others , Share the good news, to encourage the one who is presently in a rial call them what God calls them, “BLESSED.”