You are not insignificant, you are not stupid , you are not defined by your sin, failure, supposed success’s. You are not defined by your athletic, academics, schooling, nationality, race, from God’s perspective you are either dead in your sins or “In Christ.” Either. Or. To those “In Christ” by His doing …God wants you to know what He says about you which is irrevocable, eternally true. It is to be received, believed and embraced and fuel for praise and spiritual stability. You can personalize it to say, “I am” because of God’s doing “In Christ.”(1 Cor 1:30-31)

I am Accepted in the Beloved -Eph 1:6;
I am “the Beloved of God”-Rom 1:7;
I am Cleansed -1 John1:7-9;
I am Delivered from the wrath of God ; Rom 5:9
I am Eternally secure-John 10: 29;
I am Forgiven eternally -Col 1:14
I am Loved Continually -Rev 1:5-6
I an Known Intimately -Psalm 139:2
I am Redeemed – 1 Peter 1:18-19
I am Secure -1 Peter 1:5

satanic temptation;
It is a tactic of the evil one to tempt God’s children to yield to condemnation, taunt them, shoot doubts about God and to seek to sever you in your thinking to divorce you from the Eternal truth from who you are “In Christ.”

“Self Esteem” is all about ‘self’ not the Savior!

The Focus of self esteem is Self! The Focus of Christ Esteem is Christ!

 The false concept is “God doesn’t want me to hate myself” No, but that thought is a taken up with whom? “SELF!” Self has many masks but all are leading back to  the chief occupation of “self!”… “In Christ,” is liberty to be free to Love God and others taken up not with self occupation but Christ exaltation and serving others for their good, their spiritual well being , for Jesus sake!-{2 Cor 4:5}!


Your Significance and Identify;
Is All because of the perfect work and love of The Lord Jesus Christ for you. Your significance and identify is based on Him and who GOD says you are “In Christ.” Never allow yourself to look outside what He declares about you. It cost the Father His Son’s life so you can have a new identify and know your true Significance is found not in “self-esteem,” but in JESUS CHRIST.

The response is to Praise the Father and Worship The Son-{Eph 1;3; Rev1:6}…and live enjoying His estimation of you-His “Beloved.”

True Esteem is to see Who He has made you to be “In Christ!”

I am who He says I am.

Only who He says I am,

All who He says I am!