Oh Pain- relentless, sharp, dull, unforgiving, blessed pain, familiar friend, foe, all of the above, screaming pain , burning pain, searing pain, how many facets to you, physical and emotional, mental , bending and relenting and offering a false sense of relief only for you to raise with rage and sink me down, deeper each time, relentlessly bending and  bowing and aging me, exhausting me till I say “enough, I can’t take any more.”

Oh pain you have caused and revealed so much stress and angst, you have beaten and bruised me, taunted and mocked me, disabled and grounded hurt and isolated me, HOURS, TO DAYS TO WEEKS , MONTHS AND YEARS TOO MANY TO COUNT.

But you will not have the final word, for that is with God, for there is always a “But God…” at the end of every pang at the end of every irk, you do not, cannot have the final say for the child of God, for one day you will be silenced whether here or in death. Silenced, shushed and hushed  for there with Him, He will silence every pain, wipe every tear and lavish for all eternity kindness upon kindness where you can not reign, you cannot touch you cannot be.For He is there- {Jesus Christ the Risen King and Friend of sinners}-  and I will be safe.