“One life to live, till soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last.”

God has entrusted us with “one” life to be lived for Him now. Some of us will wish and often we do fall into the trap of living in the past, be it ‘success’s’ or ‘failures.’ We cannot go back but we can go forward. Moment by moment irrespective of our circumstances, are ours to use to ‘magnify, exalt’ Jesus Christ in our body! Paul said from prison that to “…magnify Christ whether by life or death, in my body.”-{Phil 1;20.}. Paul’s body was the means to live out magnifying Jesus Christ. {Phil 1:20}. He used his HAND to correspond through a letter to the Philippians. He used his MOUTH to pray though he was “shut in’ prison, confined but not defeated, he prayed-{1:3-5,9-11} evangelized the lost {1:13}, encouraged believers to speak the Word of God without fear {v14}. Ten years earlier according to Acts 16, he had used his FEET to walk down by a river and used his MOUTH to speak the Gospel to some woman. God “…opened Lydia’s heart to receive the Word,” and saved her. He ended up in prison and used his MOUTH to share the Gospel with a suicidal jailer and his family, and God saved them. He used his MIND to hide God’s Word in his heart so he could store it and share it. He THOUGHT of the souls of men when he saw them, whether by a river, in prison. He THOUGHT of others and their spiritual condition- Whether they were In or outside of Christ! “My circumstances have worked out to further the Gospel.”- {1:12.}. Whatever his CIRCUMSTANCES he used the members of his body to seek to “magnify” {exalt, make great} Jesus Christ!

He was a man on a mission with his ambition to magnify Jesus Christ.

You have one life to live. God has given you your body to magnify Him. Use it.

Be a person on a mission -to magnify Jesus Christ with your body. Your thought life, eyes to see people from eternal perspective. Ears to hear. Mouth to speak. Hands to help encourage and serve others. Feet to go with the Gospel to the lost and believers. In the circumstances you find yourself in seek to magnify Jesus Christ!


One life. One body. One mission- to magnify Jesus Christ!