“WHAT IF?” In Jehoshaphat’s case, the LORD delivered them.{2 Chron 20}, But “what if,” He chooses NOT to deliver FROM the circumstances? For Like Joseph, He kept him imprisoned longer, like Paul He did not remove the “thorn,” BUT He did give Him grace to sustain him with the thorn! Sometimes He chooses to deliver from, others He chooses to dispense grace to sustain us in the circumstance, but this is His choice. The answer is – He is still worthy to be PRAISED! And if you re read 2 Chronicles 20 and note what characteristics Jehoshaphat includes in his prayer and praise of Him. IT IS HIMSELF that draws the Praise from us as we contemplate and Celebrate who HE IS. Circumstances and difficulties as painful as they are times are all fleeting, passing, they have a “shelf life, “they are temporal, they are not forever, unlike Him, and His lovingkindness towards you which are everlasting!

“What If,” He chooses not to deliver from the circumstances? We don’t praise and follow Him for the deliverance but because of Who He is. He is worthy to be Praised BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS… EVEN IN THE STORMS! When the time of testing comes, where YOU look will determine whether YOU pray or Praise Him {2 Chron 20:21-23}.

We need to feed our mind’s with truth, not for mere information but transformatio! {Rom 12:2-3;Phil 4:8-9}.We need to have truth to meditate upon and be able to think on at all times, and in times of stress, pressures, to be able to turn our thinking to HIM and who He is, to strengthen and focus our faith on Him who is faithful. For our mind  will go somewhere, and not always on Him and truth so the more we can train ourselves with the truth to think on the truth and dwell there and practice it, the more helpful for our souls and, ALSO the more helpful we can  be to “encourage” others. -{Read Phil 4:8,9;  1 Thess 5:11}. As we hide these in your heart, the Holy Spirit can remind you anytime, anyplace of reasons to THINK on truth and on the LORD in your circumstances and recall reasons to PRAISE, “Speak well of,”HIM for!

ASSIGNMENT; Take a pen and paper and read 2 Chron 20 and write down what characteristics are mentioned about God, for example, He is LORD, He is Creator. And when you have recorded them, then go back over and personalize you PRAISES to Him with for example,” I PRAISE YOU because You are LORD. I Praise You because You are Creator… I PRAISE You, because You hear my cry…I PRAISE You because You are the Deliverer… I PRAISE You for YOUR LOVING Kindness that is Everlasting…etc.”

Note to self; Testing = OPPORTUNITY to Turn To Him and PRAY and PRAISE Him specifically… Let the PRAISES BEGIN! Johospahet looked at the circumstances in light of Him and declared “…BUT OUR EYES ARE ON YOU…”

When The Time Of Testing Came They Chose To PRAY and PRAISE.-{v21-23}.

To focus on the “What If” is to take the Focus of Him. Subtle, but a faith and praise Sapper ! Fix your FOCUS upon Him!

“What If?”does not change the facts He is worthy to be praised because of Who He is!