Yesterday I was thinking of the friends who carried their paraplegic  friend to Jesus…. his condition did not stop them, the crowds did not stop them, the fact Jesus was teaching and would not be an “appropriate” moment did not stop them… the roof did not stop them. They determined to get their friend before JESUS… and they did. Friends, taking friends, to Jesus!’  “…and He saw their faith…”{v5} as evidenced in their going through, around, over, down every obstacle to get their friend…. to JESUS.

Faith is forward – Looking for Jesus in the circumstances.

Looking Away from all else …to Jesus.

Leading to Jesus.

Leaving with Jesus!

Leaning on Jesus!

Faith has a Focus, “Fixing our eyes on JESUS.” – (Heb 12:2)

Friends Pray…relentless. Who comes to mind, that  you can pause, and take them to JESUS in prayer?