Imagine you are walking along and you see several rocks and potholes along the path, and you choose to ignore them and trip over a stone, stumble into a pothole and twist your ankle. Who’s fault is it? You chose to ignore what you knew, and paid for it. So in the spiritual realm, there is power for you to live, and to choose to ignore and apply God’s wisdom for you, will end up in tripping you up and overthrowing you spiritually, in the potholes of anxiety, despair, fears, circumstances dictating to you and dominating you!. The good, Godly news is, you do not have to be overthrown or trip up. God has given His provision, His Word to inform you. His Spirit to empower you. You “Rejoice in the LORD …It IS a SAFEGUARD for you.” -{Phil 3:1} Is God lying to you? When you have refused to rejoice in the LORD, He not only is dishonored, because we deem Him untrustworthy, by refusing to obey Him, but we stumble and are unstable spiritually, has been the reality for us. “Rejoice in the LORD…IT IS a Safeguard for you.”

It takes faith in Him to choose to rejoice. To  do what you may not “feel” like doing. To refuse to do so is setting yourself up to be tripped up, and be overthrown! Why would you or I do that? It’s crazy! The issue is faith in self or reliance, trust in the LORD. What choices have you made in the past? How did it work out for you? What does the LORD tell you and me to do from this verse?