Peter does not make light of the trials, troubles, pain that these believers are encountering of various types. To somehow make light of their hurts would be disingenuous, deceitful and doing a disservice to the genuine pain and hurts that believes encounter. Some think if they show  sadness, admit pain, that somehow they are letting the LORD down or that they are un-spiritual, so they cover up their pain, pretend they are above it, and that is not Christianity. For Christianity is not devoid of pain, real pain, real trials, real troubles!

In the midst of  “distress” Peter  appeals to what to think on, meditate upon, and the hope that they have as foundation so they can “greatly rejoice,” as they realize their great God, salvation and future Hope. Consider reasons Peter gives those amidst their pain to LOOK to Their Great Hope and reasons to joy… and commit to memory to use in your Prayer and Praise time and as you read each reference, meditate upon the verses and use to worship and “Greatly rejoice…” The word  literally means “jump much, “leap for joy” it describes jubilant, exultation, to be exuberantly happy. It is a quality of joy that remains unhindered by circumstances as the Holy Spirit is the source of such Joy and as we choose to joy in the LORD based on who He is and what He has done and Promises … we have reason to Leap with joy based on eternal realities and the future hope because of the resurrection of the LORD Jesus!!

“IN THIS…”- YOU GREATLY REJOICE IN…” -{Personalize your Rejoicing…as an act of Praise to Him}

  • I REJOICE IN…The ELECTIVE Love of the Father – v2
  • I REJOICE IN…The REDEEMING Love of the Son – v2
  • I REJOICE IN…The SANCTIFYING Work of the Holy Spirit – v2
  • I REJOICE IN…A New Father – v3
  • I REJOICE IN…A NEW Life – v3
  • I REJOICE IN…A New Hope – v3
  • I REJOICE IN…A New Inheritance – v4
  • I REJOICE IN…A New Security – v5
  • I REJOICE IN…A New Destination – v 9