This blessed one “…DELIGHTS in the Law of the Lord and IN IT he MEDITATES, DAY AND NIGHT.”

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “DELIGHT?” The word means to “Take pleasure or find enjoyment in. To experience emotional delight. A high degree of satisfaction…is an attitude that leads to action.” 

The word is used in Genesis 34:19 and Esther 2:14 to speak of a man who “delights” in a woman. He does not “have to” spend time with her. He wants to! He desires to be with her and delights in her. He is focused, single-hearted. She has captured his attention and he loves her! She causes great “delight” in his heart. Think of a young man who finds such a one. He thinks about her, wants to be with her, prioritizes his life around her. He is be-spotted. He thinks about her, desires to be with her and in her company he is comfortable, at ease. He enjoys being with her. Enjoying her companionship. Even if she does not speak, the fact she is by his side brings great contentment, joy, pleasure, experiencing emotional “delight!” This is not a “duty” for him to be with her, or think about her, but a “delight!” The Psalmist, “delights” in the Word of the LORD, and the proof, is he “meditates,” on it day and night. Anytime is God time!

It is not a duty but a “delight!” He desires the Word, he finds joy in it, satisfaction, emotional pleasure. He loves to think on the Word and speak to himself what it says, means, and how to apply it. For in the Word, it reveals the God of the Word. His heart, His thoughts, His character, His precious and magnificent promises. Oh what “delight” there is in HIM and His Word! You don’t have to carry a Bible with you but if you have been in the Word and carry the verse in your mind then anywhere anytime you can think on it. The Holy Spirit can recall it to you to feed your soul upon! His Word is a lamp onto our feet and a light onto our path! His Word, “delights” the heart. {Jeremiah 15:16}

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY- is to pursue the LORD in His Word, familiarizing yourselves with Him, His mind, His heart, hiding it in your heart and speaking the truth to yourself, going over what it says in your mind. What it means and how it applies. Coming to it to look for Him,to guide you, reveal to you of the character of the LORD whose Word it is! Scripture says, “If you search for Me with all of your heart you will find Me…He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him… Beginning with Moses and the prophets He revealed Himself in all the Scriptures… that I may know Him…” The Holy Spirit will teach and reveal Truth to you!

WARNING! The Word was a “Delight” to the “blessed” person of verse 1 who was known for what he DID NOT DO… he did not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit with mockers. He had discernment and to do otherwise will cause a distaste and disdain rather than a “delight” in the Word of God! Mind your companionship’s and influences!

THE RESULTS – will be spiritual discernment and delight in the doing of God’s Word out of love and reverence for Him.

The word “DELIGHT,” means to “take pleasure or find enjoyment in. To experience emotional delight. A high degree of satisfaction…is an attitude that leads to action.”