Let everything you say be good and helpful, SO THAT  your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them”-{Eph4:29 – NLT}.

1.-Make it YOUR PRAYER. “LORD, let everything I say be good and helpful, SO THAT MY words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.”

What are the means of “encouragement” in this verse? Your WORDS. What type of words encourage? Those that are “GOOD and HELPFUL.” He begins the verse with what He prohibits, namely “unwholesome words,” which means, rotten speech, putrid, that which is corrupted, decaying, which is no longer fit for use. Don’t speak words that tear down, mock, discourage, degrade, embarrass, put down or demoralize someone. Speak words that are “good and helpful!”

STOP… before you speak, PRAY…THINK…SPEAK…words that are “good and helpful. SO THAT…” With these two words he gives the purpose of speaking “good and helpful ” words, namely  YOUR WORDS “WILL BE AN ENCOURAGEMENT to THOSE who HEAR THEM.”

Interesting fact to consider the First fruit {effect} of being “filled with the Spirit” has to do with words you use!!!  “Speaking to one another”- {Eph 5:18-19}

Today Be God’s means to ENCOURAGE , coming alongside others, to strengthen,comfort, uplift, help,  with your… words!

2. -Make it YOUR PRACTICE. Unknown to someone, at this moment, this day, God is going to encourage them, and He is going to do so through YOU, and the words you THOUGHTFULLY CHOOSE to use!

Examine your motives before you express your words!

Are they in alignment with what He says? “Put off” the old way of speaking and “put on” this new garment of grace, kindness, “So that,” your words may be used to “encourage” strengthen, and build others others up. This is not a case of “flattery,”but of good, beneficial, helpful, encouraging, caring, loving and truthful words, that “build up!” Look to leave people with hope, and encouragement when you have left them! The word “helpful,” means to”edify, Build up.”

BE LOOKING; Go into the day looking to encourage someone with your “good and helpful” words. God will give you the opportunity!

Someone is going to be “encouraged” because of God using you today!

Ask yourself before you speak,”Is what I am about to say, “good and helpful?” Will it “encourage” those who hear my words? This is what God wants for you and them, when you speak!

When the Spirit of God fills, controls you, as you are in submission to Him, His Word, this will characterize you! You have the power to do so and thoughtfully speak so!

Memorize Ephesians 4:29, Meditate upon it, word for word, phrase by phrase, and Make it your Prayer, Make it your Practice, as a new way of thoughtfully speaking, that reflects well on the LORD Jesus and the New Person you are “in Christ.”