“….the LORD your God IS with YOU Wherever YOU Go.”-{Joshua 1:9}.

The Unbreakable, Unchanging PROMISE of the UNBROKEN PRESENCE of the PERSON OF GOD. LORD, Sovereign King, Unlimited Power, Master over all is…with YOU, wherever you are! God is Present with You. There is not a step you take, a breath you breath, that He is not present. God has Promised. God does not break His promise! It’s not an issue of your “feeling” He is with you but, the assurance of His Promise, from His eternal Word! Thank Him for His presence with you! “…the LORD YOUR GOD IS With YOU, WHEREVER YOU Go.”

Think on Him as LORD, Think on Him as God. Trust Him. Thank Him, Tell  another of Him today! 

Meditate, Memorize, Praise Him and Share His Promise with someone today, through a note, or in person!