Several years ago my youngest son who was about 8 years old asked me this profound question: “Daddy, who encourages the encourager?”  We were driving home having visited with an older man who was living by himself, who I am told was a great source of encouragement to people down the years. Now living on his own, dreading the night time, his wife having passed away, he sat sharing with me. I told my son as we drove home that he had been a great source of encouragement to others in his life.  After a period of silence, it  was then my son asked,“Daddy, Who Encourages The Encourager?”  

It came back to mind recently as I spent time with a person who has years of depositing his life into others and encouragement and when he passes I am sure many will tell stories of how he encouraged them, which brought me to a new question , how many can say, what they did to encourage him? I am afraid in some cases their own silence will answer against them!- THINK ON THIS!

“Daddy, who encourages the encourager?”- By God’s grace may it be you and me who recognize encouragers and take time, thought, to encourage them to keep encouraging, by words and deeds of encouragement…lest the silence testify against us! ANY ENCOURAGER YOU KNOW OR HAVE RECEIVED FROM SOMEONE who always seems to be encouraging, that you can encourage?

I think one mistake, oversight, we make is to believe those who encourage do not need to be encouraged.

Yet, Heb 3:13- says, “Day after day as long as it is called TODAY, Encourage one another...” This verse says it all. We are all responsible to encourage, not just the one we recognize as the “Encourager.” They are often over-looked and falsely assumed they don’t need encouragement . “But God…” tells us they do!