We so soften want to live in the “WHEN and THEN.”

“WHEN” my circumstances change “THEN.” It goes like this, “WHEN my circumstances change, THEN I will share the Gospel…. THEN I will give… THEN I will…” What happens if your circumstances don’t change? You end up “wishing” your life away living in the “WHEN and THEN.”

Paul in prison was chained to a guard, every six hours a new guard chained to him. What if he had said, “WHEN I get out of prison THEN,” I will share the Gospel with the lost, then I will encourage God’s people to speak the Word of God without fear. THEN I will pray.  “What if” I share with the guard and he does not like it, and he hits me… yes, I think I will wait till “WHEN and THEN.” We read Paul PRAYED in Philippians 1:3-6, 9-11. He communicated with the people that he was praying for them through writing a letter. He said, “My circumstances have worked out to advance the Gospel.” The word, “advance” or sometimes it is translated, “furtherance,” was used of “wood-choppers,” who went ahead of the regular army and cut through woods, removed any obstacle that would hinder the regular army from marching through to a place. Paul said that instead of his circumstances impeding the Gospel they had worked out to advance the Gospel.{Phil 1:12.} in verse 13-  he advanced the Gospel through EVANGELIZING THE LOST. In verse 14 he advanced the Gospel through ENCOURAGEMENT of fellow believers. “Most of the brothers are encouraged to speak the Word of God without fear…” because of his imprisonment, “…FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST.”

Paul was not waiting till the “WHEN and THEN.” Paul was living in the NOW. Now is the time to seek to PRAY. NOW is the time to ADVANCE the Gospel through EVANGELIZING the people in the difficult place you find yourself in. NOW is the time to advance the Gospel through ENCOURAGING God’s people to speak the Word of God in the difficult circumstances they find themselves in. They found courage because Paul was in those circumstances with them. God may seek to use you where you are to EVANGELIZE others, to ENCOURAGE others and they find strength to speak out for the LORD because you are in those circumstances! We have to choose to live in – THE NOW! Buy up the opportunity God has before you NOW. EVANGELIZE how? PRAY FOR THE HARVEST- Jesus saw, the multitudes and felt compassion and told the disciple to pray to the LORD of the Harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest. The ones He told to pray in Matthew 9 He sent out in chapter 10! PRAYER IS PRIORITY IN EVANGELISM.

Ask God for favor with people. Seek to turn the conversations towards Him. Seek help- Jesus asked the woman at the well to help Him, get a drink of water from the well, He had no bucket to lower, she did! She helped Him and He turned the conversation around to sin, and to the LIVING WATER. He had to go through Samaria to get to her! He “went out of his way” for her soul! It’s not a matter of, is it convenient, but the soul of an individual! He shows us one way to evangelize- Ask someone to help you. Your need maybe their opportunity to help and in turn you help them with their eternal soul! Share the good News. Perhaps you are in a difficult circumstance, and others are there with you. Seek to evangelize or encourage! There is purpose in you been in your present circumstances NOW!

Don’t be DIVERTED with the “WHEN and THEN,” mentality. The enemy injects thoughts, the flesh screams against the life of faith in the faithfulness of God. Why? Self always wants to be in control. It’s like telling God you are the conductor of life, He can take a seat and prosper you and help you avoid all of life’s difficulties but you ultimately are in charge! No, GOD IS GOD. HE IS KING! Don’t wait till “WHEN and THEN.” Live in the “Now.” You may think,”my job is a dead end job.” Be thankful you have a job. It may not be what you would choose, it does not mean you may not be able to change it, but in those circumstances is the Gospel being advanced? Are you praying for people? Are you seeking God to give you favor to evangelize people in your circumstances? Are you Encouraging God’s people to continue to speak the Word of GOD boldly. You are in your present circumstances and may you be able to say, “My circumstances are working out to advance the Gospel…”