1 Peter 1:6-9 – Peter speaks of “Fiery Trials, and “grievous” or “distress’s,” this would be imperative for the suffering who are undergoing trials of various kinds, 5 ASPECTS OF “Fiery TRIALS” to keep in mind.

And yes, Peter shows us -sadness and Gladness exist side by side.

They are told “In This you greatly rejoice…” {v6} which has to do with what comes before hand, namely,

  1. The FUTURE HOPE that awaits them, v 3-5 speaks of a Secure Eternal Inheritance, that is Protected by the Power of God. No matter how difficult the trials, they can Look AHEAD with assurance, confidence of a future secured hope, protected by the power of God, Himself.
  2. KNOW God’s Purposes In Their Distress’s. And yes Peter shows us -sadness and Gladness exist side by side. But you can Know and help you THINK through and also HELP Others in the midst of trials they can – …Consider these reasons below…


  1. “VARIOUS Trials.” – not just one type. The word is used twice In NT to speak of trials.. and in 4:10, “Grace…” whatever the trial there is GRACE TO meet you with it. –{v6}. “necessary” He is Developing and Displaying genuine faith in the furnace of afflictions…{v6}
  2. “TEMPORAL”-  “for a little while,” – “brief, short”- in light of eternity, even though the trial last a life time… {v6}
  3. PAINFUL – the word, ” Distressed,” or “grievous” means “tearfully sorrowful….mental anguish.”- {v6}.** the word “ fire’ other translations say ‘suffer???”} “Distressed(3076) (lupeofrom lupe = sorrow) signifies pain, of body or mind and means to cause one to experience severe mental or emotional distress or physical pain which may be accompanied by sadness, sorrow or grief. The King James’ translation of lupeo as heaviness parallels our colloquial sayings like — “It weighs heavy on my soul” or “My soul is weighed down with affliction.” or “My soul is so burdened.” The verb is aorist tense indicating past completed action which points to the fact that these saints have already experienced various trialsLupeo is used 26 times in the NT “{Preceptaustin}
  4. PURPOSEFUL/Proving/REVEALING-  SO THAT “  The PURPOSE REVEALED…the proof of your faith” . The word “Proof,” means “genuineness…” of your genuine faith is revealed one way through trials {you love Him, Trust Him, rejoice in Him” Peter says}.
  5. PROFITABLE/Fruitful- “…may be found to be to the praise, glory, honor at the revealing of Christ”- {v7} ..

REMINDER; If you take your hand and with each finger beginning with your Thumb all the way to your little finger remind yourself by assigning one of the above 5 reasons listed above … so you can choose to “greatly rejoice,” because you can know what GOD’S purposes are in trials as revealed in this passage and also to share and help others and not hurt others by giving opinions rather than the Word of God, to help them and give them reasons to “greatly rejoice in their distress,” as they consider GOD’S PERSPECTIVE AND PURPOSES in their trials!