“Serve… KNOW The LORD is God.” -{Psalm 100:2-3}

 SERVE – KNOWINGLY“KNOW…The LORD IS GOD…” “Know” is a command! The word means “to make distinction.” “Recognize the fact as a certainty. “-{Pulpit Commentary.}

Be discerning. Understand. “Recognize the fact as a certainty.” Serve Him with Understanding. Know with certainty- make the distinction that” -“The LORD is God.” Neither any person, be that me, you, nor kings, nor governments are “God.” The LORD is. This is meant to be a comfort for us even in times of difficulties to bow our own hearts before Him and proclaim,”I am not God You are, LORD, GOD. I look to You during this time of great trial.”  The word “LORD” speaks of Him as The Self Existent, Unchanging, Sovereign One. The word “GOD” is “Elohim.” which speaks of Him as Creator, Powerful One, Almighty! Know the LORD is GOD! The call includes the ability ” to make the distinction” between Him and all other pretenders to the Throne of God and His will and ways! We are not called to “serve” ignorantly or a cultural “god,” or “god” of our own imagination but to know the LORD God, and serve Him!

In Your Circumstances, “THINK” right about God and His relationship to you.

* “Make the distinction” who is LORD.
* “Make the distinction” who is God.

This is a call from the psalmist for people to “make the distinction” between the One True God from all others.

  • This is a Grand pursuit.

  • A Lofty pursuit.

  • A Transforming pursuit.

  • A Discerning pursuit!

The proper response is to submit to Him and serve Him with gladness because He is {eternally the same} – “LORD…GOD!” To THINK clearly and know who is the LORD God. To grow in this knowledge of Him should give us courage to TRUST; “food” for our mind and soul to chew on that results in worship of Him. “Know” intellectually, experimentally, reverentially, trustingly. with certainty and obediently that the LORD is GOD! The Great Pursuit is to Know HIM.And the ABILITY not to be deceived, diverted but to be able to have discernment and able to “make the distinction,” between Him and all falsehoods and… to know not only Him, but His ways!

To acquaint our-self with Him should lead to us increasingly through the means of His Word by His Spirit teaching us to have discernment to clearly “make the distinction,” between all others and the One True Living LORD, who is God!  

To see clearly and definitively so as to make a clear “distinction,” it begins with  your SUBMISSION to Him, as LORD to rule over you and God, because He is your Creator!

“SERVE The LORD with Gladness…KNOW,  “make the distinction”…the LORD is GOD!”