“Simon Peter, a bond-servant and apostle of Jesus Christ,To those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours, by the righteousness of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ: “-{2 Peter 1:1}.

Many, many years ago, a young man shared with me about his belief that he was a “second-class, Christian.” He felt he was inferior to others, he was not on the “level,” he perceived others were. He saw himself as a second choice, not a “top, Christian.” There is no such thing , as first, second, third class Christians, as there is first class, business class or economy class on a plane or a train! He had a false concept and was basing his life, his views through the lens of a lie! He saw himself as other than God had declared him to be!

Peter writes to believers and how to guard against the false teachers and teaching. This young man had believed some false teaching, whether it originated in his own mind or the teaching of others, I do not know. But its origin was ultimately Hell. Seeking to dishearten him, and rob the glory from Jesus Christ who had redeemed him and given him a great salvation Straight away Peter has them build on the solid foundation of their salvation, and the equality of their position. Note the phrase, “the same kind as ours.” Another translation uses, “precious faith.” The word, “precious,” {isotimoi}, spoke of honor and was also used as a political term in the ancient world to speak of “equality of citizenship between strangers and foreigners who were given equal citizenship  in a city.” Josephus, writing about Antioch, says that in Antioch the Jews were given all the rights of citizenship, and they were called “isotimoi.” They were equal in honor and privilege bestowed upon them with those Macedonians and Greeks who lived there! EQUALITY, HONOR, PRIVILEGE bestowed!

Know your position; You have EQUALITY of standing with every other Christian and this due to a gift. His gift that came to you how? Peter tells us, “by…” not “by self effort, heritage, good deeds, nationality, performance, “but ” by,” and only, “by the righteousness of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.” -{v 1}.

Peter writes to them and addresses them as “Equal’s! “ Equality of standing, equality of salvation from God and before God they stand as equals, because God declares it so! How wonderful, your standing is not based on your “feelings,” or the declarations of others upon you. “But God,…” What does He say! Your salvation is equal to that of Paul, Peter. This you received by the gift of God through the righteousness of Christ through which you stand, shoulder to shoulder equal? Feeling inadequate, inferior?

Hide this verse in your heart, think on it, thank Him and trust Him.

No “Second Class,” Christians. All Equal Standing because of God’s gift of Righteousness to you. Live your life in light of your standing, no inferior’s or superiors, All equals “In Christ!”

God has bestowed Honor, Privilege, Equality to you through the gift of His righteousness! Praise Him! THINK on the TRUTH. TALK  to yourself about what God says, to think and talk, otherwise it is to dishonor Him and is not true of Him and who you are in Him!

STOP feeding your mind on error, because it is effecting your view of Him and life. START Thinking on Him, Truth and what HE SAYS. CHOOSE Who and what you will feed your thoughts with.

Peter writes to warn them of error by beginning to feed them with the truth of their foundation, honored, equality, privileged people!

There are no “second class Christians.” God chose you before the foundation of the world for Himself {Eph 1:4},and wants you to know the equality of standing you have with Him and before Him, He is the source of your perfect salvation! God has bestowed honor, privilege, equality upon you, “by the righteousness of  God our Savior, Jesus Christ…”

Know Your Position!