In your trials, temptations, doubts often arise in the midst of them, to tempt you to lean to your own understanding. Thoughts to doubt God’s care for you and allow anxiety to stress your mind …what to do?  GO BACK TO GO FORWARD! What does that mean for you practically, if or when you are in the midst of trials?

“STONES OF REMEMBRANCE.” In the Old Testament, a father may be walking with his son when they would come upon a place where a pile of stones had been erected and the son may ask his dad what it meant. The dad would be reminded of what God did in that place. He would Go Back – in his mind and recall and share what GOD had done in the past at that place. He would go back and recount the great work of God and how they had erected the stones as “stones of remembrance” of what God had done! Joshua did this when God intervened and we read, “And Joshua set up at Gilgal the twelve stones they had taken out of the Jordan. He said to the Israelite’s, “In the future when your descendants ask their fathers, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’”- {Joshua 4:20-22}.

The twelve stones that Joshua set up were a visual reminder of what God did. God made a way for the people when there was no way, when they could “see” no way. God did it and the stones were erected that forever a visual reminder of the testimony of what God did and  to be passed down through the generations. God provides. God can. God did. God is faithful! God opened the Jordan and the people walked across on DRY LAND! They had a supernatural experience of God as their “stone of remembrance,” as they walked across the dry land into the Promised Land. What God promises, God delivers on, irrespective of the obstacles we “see.” We must “see” God is greater. God is able. God is faithful. God is intimately aware of you and your circumstances, concerns, temptations, hurts and needs. Look back at what God has done for you. Ask Him to remind you of times, places, He has met you. And choose to praise Him for His interventions, provisions. Go back in order to Go Forward and remember GOD!

So we learn from the “stones of remembrance” how we should ask the Holy Spirit to help us remember things God has done for us in our past. We feed our minds on His past FAITHFULNESS. Perhaps get a piece of paper and write down, line upon line of His faithfulness to you. Go back in order to go forward. You can go Forward in faith, strengthened in your faith, because you have gone back and remembered the goodness and faithfulness of God to you. DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER WHAT GOD HAS DONE FOR YOU!

Go Back To Go Forward.