As I was leaving a doctor’s, I stood in the foyer, and looked outside. It was pouring down rain, and like a kid at Christmas I marveled as I watched through the glass door the rain pouring down and some of the rain drops would fall and bounce back up at various angles and heights. It was like watching a display of fireworks going off and lightening  up the sky, with various heights, colors, except it was not man-made fireworks, But God’s rain coming down in bucket-full’s, the exact amount measured out by Him, falling exactly in the place He wanted. Some upon contact on the pavement died out, others jumped back up, as though they were dancing. They jumped back up at various angles and I was captivated by His display. It was not as though I have not seen rain before. Anyone coming from Ireland knows if It’s not raining this moment just wait a bit It’s on it’s way. As I shuffled and walked outside to the vehicle and to feel the warm rain fall on me was wonderful, and as I sat in the car and looked out and saw His rain, no rebel drops all exclusively under His control.  As I watched, I was like a kid at Christmas upon seeing something wonderful, awe struck for a moment by Him and His rain. His control of each drop  as they hit the pavement, bounced back up as though dancing, at various heights, and I thought to myself -“every drop falls exactly where He desires- there are no rebel rain drops, but all under His command.” and my heart began to lift, knowing He REIGNS!