When the disciples were in the boat and the storms and waves whipped up to such an extent that these hardened fishermen were scared. Jesus was in the boat with them. Asleep. They woke Him and asked “Don’t you care we are perishing?” They were in circumstances that were above their capabilities to deal with. They go to Jesus but they go with accusation about His character, notably the accusation that He didn’t care for them. They had believed a lie! He calmed the seas and winds. They had a wrong concept of Him as revealed in the storms. This can often happen us.

Circumstances reveal our heart and true belief about Jesus.

But how kind, compassionate that He did not withhold His power, compassion for them. He chose to reveal Himself to them in calming the storms.

Remember in the circumstances, hurts that are beyond you, the temptation to doubt He cares for you, will come to mind but remember who is in “the boat with you,”-JESUS! You are never alone in overwhelming circumstances or any circumstance- Never. He is with you, for you, and you need to relate your problems to Him. Rely on Him that He is working and rest in His loving and wise heart, that He is working all these things for “good” to make Himself known to you and through you to others. Relinquish your cares to Him and Realize Who He is, LORD over the winds and waves of every storm! He put Himself on display to them through their circumstances! He still does the same!

If they had not been in the storm they never would have known His saving, delivering power. Same can be true for you. Your difficulties are opportunities for Him to reveal Himself to you. Sometimes you will go through tough times so that you may encounter Him and also like we read of the testimony of the disciples that has benefited so many, through you He may use you to comfort others down the road, through your recounting His meeting you in times of overwhelming troubles, as you testify to the Triumphant Jesus and calmed your fears.- {2 Cor 1:3-4}.

Look Who Is In The Boat With You!