Condemnation is a powerful and frightening word. To the person standing in the dock and hearing the ruling of a judge that says the court of justice has found them ” guilty” and with it the “sentence of death,” the condemned criminal has been found ” guilty” and condemned! Hopeless, guilty, the finger of the Law has found him guilty and is now condemned!

Born in sin, shaped by sin, spiritually dead in our sin. God’s holiness is offended, justice cannot stand or allow the sinner to go unpunished! Guilty , condemned the verdict , ” But God,.”…steps in .,..His Son takes the sinners place and the axe of justice and condemnation is transferred to Him and falls upon Him and He who knew no sin becomes sin, the just for their unjust, pays the price and penalty. To the one who repents and believes the transfer of their sin is borne by Jesus and grace and righteousness now clothes them as they now have a new position, no longer ” in Adam” but ” In Christ!’

“NO”- is emphatic! When writers wanted to emphasize something they put that word first in the sentence and hear God has Paul put the word “no’ first in this verse to emphasize His assurance to his children! No chance, there is and will be NO change!

” Now NO Condemnation” for you the child of God. You will not end up in Hell because you at times struggle, you cannot lose your salvation- NO Chance, NO chance, for your salvation is sure, secure and ” kept by the power if God”- (1 Peter 1:5!). The word “kept,” means “to guard,.” Is a military term. Who guards your salvation? God does! He says based on the sacrifice of His Son, to him or her that once were under condemnation ” Now NO condemnation to those who are “In Christ!”No chance! Not now or ever. That is His promise!

” Now “– in the past you were guilty, “now” in this new position of identification with Christ, you as a child of God stand before God no longer condemned because the offense of your sin against God has once for all been dealt with by Christ,” NOW no more condemnation!”-  where once you were alienated, you NOW are accepted. Where once you were an enemy, NOW you are adopted into the family of God as  a child of God. Once you were guilty NOW, there is  no more condemnation in Christ. Once you were spiritually  powerless, NOW you have power to live newness of life!  Where once you were guilty, NOW you are forgiven! You need to live in the “NOW!” Say to yourself the truth of what God DECLARES about you!

” IN CHRIST.”-  just as Noah and his family were safe and secure  “In The Ark” from the judgment of God, so is the believer “In Christ” safe from the wrath of God. As sure as the guilty was safe who fled and entered into one of God’s designated  “cities of refuge” where the guilty one was safe and secure so the one “In Christ,” Safe, secure for eternity, because of Jesus taking our sin upon  Himself, the judgment of God fell upon Him dealing completely, thoroughly, eternally, satisfying the justice of God. In fleeing to Jesus, we find in Him our representative, Advocate, Savior, and in submission to Him as LORD we find new standing with God and  our position of being ” In Christ!”