We all fail, sin, but failure need not be final for you or me. Hebrews chapter 11 is known as “the hall of faith.” Read and see the people mentioned there, people with great failures, yet we read “all of these gained approval through their Faith.” {v 39} Note, it does not say, “all of these gained approval through their FEELINGS.”  The life of faith, is an ever learning process of taking God at His Word and thinking on His Truth and practicing it. We often rest and reassure ourselves with how we “feel” as our authority, but like the seas that is unstable with the changing of circumstances so like the sea becomes our instability when we lean on those for support. We think wrong, we trust wrong, we respond wrong and it is a focus issue. We are not focusing on Him, His Word, promises but on our feelings. We cant go back but we can go on, so we begin afresh to train ourselves to think on Him, His Word, trust in Him and His Word and take from Him and His Word all that is ours In Christ. Our walk will be as stable or unstable depending on Whom and what we are focusing on and resting in. Walking by faith in Him is to choose to THINK on and TRUST Him, His Truth and take from it, verses, promises that are appropriate to our circumstances. God has “precious and magnificent promises,”to be appropriated. – {2 Peter 1:3-4}. Power to love and promises to aid us. Train your focus on Him, take His Word and meditate and apply it. This is why we take a verse, memorize, meditate and apply it, it helps renew our thinking. To align our thinking up with His. This the Holy Spirit does through His Word which as we submit and trust influence us. Walk by faith in The LORD Jesus, not by your feelings as the focus of your life, otherwise like a roller-coaster you will live your life like a roller-coaster, up and down, no stability. A Choice to make, and be maintained. It begins with one thought at a time. Ask yourself, “Does this thought leave me trusting Him or not.”

“We walk by Faith not by sight.”-{2 Cor 5:7}.